All the questions you must answer in your Galactica theory

Everybody in SF is theorizing, like me, about the mysteries of Battlestar Galactica. I have prepared a list of what I think the major questions that you must answer if you have a theory of your own. There are also a few lesser questions that it’s good if you can answer, but which are not mandatory. And indeed, even I don’t really answer all of these easily, nor do I suspect the show will tie up all these loose ends. A few minor spoilers about Caprica here.

For my answers see the invented backstory and of course the rest of this blog.

Virtual Beings

  • Who and what are they?
  • How do they get into character’s heads?
  • Are they all the same being, or are there different beings? If so, what’s their agenda?
  • How did Six pick up Baltar? Who was Shelley Godfrey and how did she vanish? (Godfrey question to be answered in “The Plan”)
  • How is it that ordinary humans can receive visions at all? Not just dreams but visions with real external information. (Baltar, Starbuck, Young Bill Adama, Roslin)
  • Why did Head Six say goodbye to Baltar? (Deleted scene.)
  • How could the Elosha in Roslin’s head have a conversation with her in the non-time of a jump?

13th Colony “Earth”

  • Why and how was Earth destroyed thousands of years ago?
  • How did it come to be that the 13th tribe was Cylon?
  • Why was the true nature of Earth covered up in colonial mythology?
  • What was the “exile and rebirth of the human race” Pythia wrote about 3,600 years ago?
  • Who took Starbuck to Earth and back?
  • Why this very convoluted way of showing the path to Earth (Arrows and star maps on Kobol, probes, stars going nova, signal on fake Viper) instead of just giving a set of coordinates?
  • Why don’t he colonials find it odd that the scrolls say the 13th tribe “saw their 12 brothers in the sky” (ie. tribal flags are Earth stars and names, which is at odds with their belief that Kobol is their homeworld.)
  • Why don’t 8 of the Tomb of Athena star maps match the photos Starbuck took? (Deleted lines found on DVD)
  • Why do the stars seen from the gas giant site of the Cylon civil war match the real Earth’s sky?
  • Why don’t we see any continents or star patterns we recognize in the Earth’s sky?
  • Why was the Earth destroyed around the same time that the tribes fled Kobol?

Final Five

  • Is the fifth aware or unaware, and why?
  • What are the Final Five? Who made them?
  • What are the white robe Final Five in the visions?
  • How old are they?
  • Why did they lead full lives as humans, unaware of what they are?
  • Why did they wake up to a Bob Dylan tune?
  • Are there other copies of the Final Five around?
  • How will the ending “blur the line between human and Cylon”
  • Just why were 3 of the Five at Galactica at the start of the war? Are they the reason it survived?
  • Where has Ellen been? Is she behind Starbuck’s magic trip, viper and recreation?
  • What have the five been doing for the past 2,000 years?
  • What were they doing between the building of the Temple of Five and destruction of the 13th colony?

Cylon God

  • Is he real? What is he?
  • What’s his agenda?
  • Do the Final Five worship him? Is he the “God whose name must not be spoken?”
  • Who is the “jealous god, who wanted to be put above all the other lords of Kobol?”
  • Why would he appear to speak to Dodonna Selloi through the Lords of Kobol to give #3 a message?
  • Who is pulling the strings, if not this being?

Temple of Five

  • Are the Five Priests the Final Five?
  • Was Baltar supposed to activate the temple? What does it mean that D’Anna did?
  • How, as Baltar asked, could all of them have come there on Nova day, in spite of astronomical odds?
  • What poisoned the food processors to force the fleet there?
  • Why did D’Anna say “you were right” to Baltar?

Cycle of Time

  • Since there is no time travel, what can make things repeat so exactly? (Moore declared at the start of the show: “No aliens, no time travel.”)
  • Just how exactly are they repeating?
  • How many cycles have their been?
  • What’s special about this cycle, if anything?


  • How is the First Hybrid able to know Kendra’s life?
  • How does the First Hybrid know the story of the Final Five and their current state?
  • How does Pythia know about the visions of serpents?
  • How does Leoben know they will find Kobol?
  • How do Oracles, Leoben, and the Hybrids know about Starbuck’s destiny?
  • What is “the truth about the Opera House?” Why is the long-ruined Opera House so important?
  • How does the First Hybrid’s life “begin again, in ways uncertain.”


  • Why is head Six afraid of Kobol?
  • Who were the Lords of Kobol?
  • What are they doing now?
  • What is the meaning of the suicide of Athena?


  • Why does Head Six say Hera is the child of herself and Baltar?
  • Why is Hera’s hair so curly when her parents have straight hair?
  • Is she the Cylon fetus shown in the ads? If not, who is it and what does it mean?
  • Why does Hera draw a book full of pictures of Six?
  • What is the role of Nicholas, and little unborn Six-Tigh?


  • See Earth
  • What is her destiny?
  • To wit, what does, “Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the Apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her” mean?
  • What happened to her in the maelstrom?
  • How did she get a new body, a new Viper? Why?
  • What is her connection to Aurora?
  • Who is her father?

The Seven

  • How did the seven acquire their biological bodies? (Aparently the official “Final Five” comic series will tell us this.)
  • Why are the seven programmed not to think about the final five?
  • Why was Cavil (the least spiritual one) so strongly against the quest for the five, and the awakening of the centurions?
  • Why did D’anna only ask for four Cylons from the fleet? What makes her know one is different from the others? If she thinks one is not yet awakened, why does she think that?
  • What happened to the minds of the older, metal Cylons?


  • How did Baltar heal that child in his cult? Why does he have a cult?
  • How did Baltar survive the nuke near his house?
  • Why are female Cylon models so drawn to him?
  • What does it mean that the Hybrid identified him as “the chosen one?” What is his role in “God’s plan?”
  • Why all the Christ metaphors on Baltar?
  • How did he unconsciously know about Doral, or what to blow up in The Hand of God.

Web site clues

  • “You have heard my voice many times, but you don’t know my name.”


  • What does Gaeta’s song “to have her please, just one day wake” mean?
  • What is “the space between life and death” that Starbuck and D’Anna explore? Why are the Five there?
  • In Caprica, Adama’s father helped create the metal Cylons. Adama’s sister was the template for one of the first three models. Can this remain unmentioned? What would the fleet think if it knew? Why don’t any of the Cylons have her memories?
  • What shut down all power to the fleet at the Ionian nebula? Why? And how did the Cylons know to be there?
  • Why did the power shutdown also make Roslin faint? And why all the visions for her at that time?
  • How did the Cylons keep finding the fleet? How did Hotdog find it?