A lot to sum up

Had to re-watch a bit, but here’s a summary of things we learn:

  • On Kobol, “organic memory transfer” (technobabble) is developed. They do not have FTL drives at this point.
  • A 13th tribe of artificial beings is developed, and leaves to form a colony.
  • 13th tribe builds “Temple of Hopes” on Algae planet. Dated 3,000 years ago by Ellen, 4,000 years ago by Tyrol’s carbon dating.
  • Book of Pythia must be written much later than 3,600 years ago. The “exile and rebirth of the human race” in it is harder to place.
  • 13th tribe heads on to its planet via slower-than-light, and calls it “Earth.” That planet must be quite close.
  • On the planet they breed and lose the “organic memory transfer.” (Doesn’t seem likely to me to lose something that valuable.)
  • The Five are born, presumably within one generation of 2,000 years ago. Ellen has a father named John.
  • The Five, working at a research lab, recreate the download tech, and prepare a ship to resurrect them.
  • They get warnings of impending battle. They get visions only they see of figures; Tory sees a woman, Anders a man — quite possibly “virtual beings” like head Six. Galen thinks he has a chip in his head. The rest is unclear. They prep their tech.
  • 2,000 years ago, their world is nuked, by who is not known. Around this time, the 12 tribes are fleeing Kobol. Unknown if 12 tribes have FTL yet.
  • When they wake up, they decide to travel to find the 12 tribes (whom they can’t know have left for 12 colonies) and warn them of the dangers
  • They travel to the Algae planet via STL (but at a good fraction of the speed of light,) and change the Temple of Hopes to show their faces.
  • They travel, presumably to Kobol, and find where the 12 tribes have gone.
  • They travel to the 12 colonies, and arrive during the first Cylon war.
  • Metal Cylons are experimenting with hybrids. They have also developed a monotheist religion.
  • They cut a deal with the metal Cylons, stop the war and we’ll give you biological bodies.
  • They agree. First they create John Cavil, #1. John is raised like a child, they play with him on a beach somewhere, but then he helps them create 7 others.
  • The five establish a place called “The Colony.” John knows of it, the others don’t. The Five’s equipment is there. (Possibly just reference to 13th colony?)
  • John doesn’t like his brother #7, Daniel. He interferes with his duplication process, killing him for good, it appears.
  • John kills the final five by suffocation. He interferes with their download, releasing copies of them in the colonies one by one, with memories blocked. Saul is first, about 30 years before the 2nd war. He hopes this will teach them how bad being human is.
  • John programs the other six Cylons to largely forget the Final Five and avoid thinking about them.
  • The 7 Cylons lead a war on humanity. John may have had a hand in assuring the Final Five live through it, giving them a “front row seat to a holocaust.”
  • John is fully aware of who they are. He takes out Saul’s eye, has sex with Ellen, aware of it all.
  • Boomer learns just after leaving New Caprica. Presumably helps her vote against her kind.
  • Boomer somehow knows where the fleet is, and flies Ellen to it.

Now some big questions and revelations this opens up…

  • Without FTL, all the systems have to be very close, but the Ionian Nebula is 13,000 ly away from all of them. So why is it the activation point for the memories of the Final Five? Is this Cavil’s doing?
  • What about other events there — fleet power loss, Starbuck’s return?
  • What is the point of a “signpost” that is 13,000 ly away from which you now return another 13,000 ly to get back where you came?
  • Cavil picked the location of the ambush at Jupiter. Does he know about real Earth? Even Ellen does not appear to know about it. Though at one point Anders calls the 13th colony “the planet” suggesting he knows more.
  • When did FTL get developed? On Kobol, or on the colonies?
  • Cavil said “Centaurians” while others said “Centurions.” Is this just a different pronunciation, or a suggestion a faction is from Alpha Centauri.
  • Is there another string puller besides Cavil? It does seem so, probably the “one true god” who has been talking in Baltar’s head.
  • One interesting suggestion that has been made — the hidden string puller and possibly one true god is somehow derived from Daniel, Ellen’s “favourite son.” Very Mormon, too. Is Daniel corporeal? Starbuck seemed to recognize the name.
  • Daniel, we are told, can’t come back, unlike #3 who is just boxed. But surely we see more of this.
  • How is it that Ellen and Saul can raise Cavil from a boy, play with him on the beach, and then just 40 years later he looks that old? Ok, he could alter his appearance but he seems to hate his body.
  • Also note that John, though just 10 years old, had by that time killed the five, and reintroduced Saul and Ellen into the colonies without memories.
  • Does Ellen have backup resurrection equipment? She doesn’t seem too worried for somebody who devoted a lot to bringing that stuff back.
  • Why don’t any of the 7 Cylons remember being metal? (Or the events of Caprica, in particular.)
  • I have to say I’m disappointed with the idea that the five were given invented lives by Cavil. I had hoped their incarnation was their own idea.
  • Speaking of this, why was Tyrol given memories of a fake childhood learning about the Temple of Five? Or did he somehow invent that?
  • How do the colonials (not just Tyrol) know about the “Temple of Five” when it wasn’t taken over by them until after the colonials left Kobol for the colonies?