Universal underwater photography case

Generally, getting a case to use a camera underwater is expensive. The case has to be custom made for the particular camera, and it has to be full of waterproof push-through button-pushers for all the major controls. Digital cameras have helped a lot, since they can shoot far longer on a "roll" and things like zoom are electronic. They also sell in enough volume that some cases have gotten down to reasonable prices.

But more is possible because most modern digital cameras feature complete electronic control, either by USB or via infrared. This should make it possible to build a generic underwater camera case for whole classes of digital cameras of a certain size. The case itself can be very simple, with no holes or button gaskets. For cameras without infrared remote (or where the IR remote does nothing but a couple of buttons), a small USB to IR converter would allow complete control.

The box is simple, the real brains would be in an underwater-capable IR remote control carried or mounted on the outside of the case. It would need personality modules for new models of cameras but otherwise could be pretty much the same as well.

So you get a much simpler box and you get mass production because you can sell it for any camera. And you can keep it for your next camera. It's a bit bulkier, but that's about it. And it can offer more controls, even some controls that aren't even on the camera in some cases.

Zoom can be a bit tricky. You want to avoid glare off the plexi at the front when the lens isn't up against it. It's possible that might be designed to telescope when you change zoom settings, or the camera itself might gently move in an inner frame. Or it might just have a black bellows "hood" in the space between the lens and the view panel. This problem also exists in custom cases of course.

The same idea could also be applied to above-ground protection in harsh environments (snow, rain, dust etc.) for expensive cameras. There you don't need a pressure seal, just a thick bag with the same remote ability. Shoot happily in the rain.


Dude I just found this post on your blog as I'm about to launch my product, which is I think THE FIRST Universal Underwater Camera case. It's called the UTHERWURLD and you can see my site at utherwurld.ca or utherwurld.com. Check out my web page and the sample video and photos to see some of the great results I have had with my Sony DSC S50 in the UTHERWURLD universal underwater camera case. Also had great results with three different models of Canon.
The case is quite simple, it has a perfectly clear front window and radio-frequency sealed seams, and a simple !yet not foolproof! sealing mechanism. (see directions for use on my site)
Underwater photography is an acquired skill, and with the low-light conditions and particulates in suspension the results can sometimes be dissapointing however the beauty of digital is the ability to review the images you just shot, and delete the ones that turned out blurry. hell who says a bit of a blurry crab and super clear sand hills in the background isn't a great shot? not me! (see the samples on my site)
it's about volume, take tons of shots, try to keep the camera perfectly still, and don't count on auto focus, use a fixed focus setting. Next I'm going to play with a wireless flash in a second case and see what happens!


Poor web site

You need to put a few more details on the site, like, oh, maybe pictures of the case and how much it costs!

'in development' and 'about to launch'

Brad you'll be the first to know when we're up and running but at this point it's still in the 'product development lifecycle' pre-launch. What price do you think would be fair for universal underwater photography? What features would you look/expect for that price other than the ability to photograph under water without risking your camera getting wet?

Hopefully we can manage a link exchange program some time soon. As it is now I haven't even submitted to Google. soon though.. soon..


The goal of a universal adapter is it should be vastly cheaper than the custom adapters, many of which cost more than most cameras. A universal does not have to form-fit a camera, and you can make one to serve most cameras and thus gain the economies of scale from not having 100 different models. It needs no fancy control buttons, just a box and a way to get the remote interface out.

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What is so hard?

Each of my digital cameras I have built underwater camera cases that I take scuba diving.

Go To Home Depot, buy the Plex, the ticker the better, I use .22 which they call quarter inch but it is not, just shy. Make a square box where the lens is, for a standard SLR lens you will need a box or cube I should say about 3 inches leave one side open, I make the edges "L" shaped which allows you to use a very good epoxy, you know like the 10 ton stuff, The flat end I put an "L" all the way around which then slips right into the end and epoxy all around.

Make the camera body box, you make this fancy if you want, but really most SLR's will fit into a 6.5 inch tall by 6 inch wide and 3.5 deep box.

I mark where the lens goes and cut the square hole, then since I have created the "L" shape in the ends also, they slip right into the hole.

The back is the only tricky part, I use the same "L" as I did on the front of the lens box, But much bigger. Then I use form a gasket blue "goo" which I add a small gasket to the flat inside edge, With 4 wing nuts around the back edge they seal up tight.

As far as the trigger, go to ebay and look up the remote for your camera, all of my cameras where on there and all less then $15.00 $25.00 with shipping. I go to Wal-Mart and get in the fabric Dept heavy plastic sheet, you know the stuff that use to cover grand Ma's couch? It's only like $2.00 per yard, and very thick, I make a small pouch and attach it to the front with heavy duty Velcro and it works great, I like to use it outside the water also so I do not make it stronger.

I will be posting pictures on my site http://www.i-love-whales.com if there is interest.



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