Electric Pusher!!!

My Future RV would be a completely electric Diesel Pusher chassis with 4 motors mounted in the 4 rear wheel sets. It would have (3) banks of batteries. The A bank would power motors in the (front) rear wheel set. Bank B the (rear) rear wheel set and bank C would be a backup and power the A/C, lights, etc. For now, power would come from a pair of large (Onan) generators BUT the dual generator compartments would be completely modular and allow for future power sources (most likely Fuel Cell). The battery compartments would allow for easy replacements, too. The smooth roof would be completely PV which would help to 'trickle charge' the batteries. The Onan's would turn on as needed. All accessories in the unit would be electric. Not the most efficient, I know but certainly the most 'Green'. The unit could even include a fold-up wind turbine generator tower (but I'm not attached to this option yet). --> collinburnell@hotmail.com


His name is Brad Templeton. You figure it out.
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