Graphic with traffic death stats

Here’s a nice graphic showing traffic deaths around the world. Of course, all these numbers are going to drop over the next 10 years thanks to various collision avoidance and accident survival technologies in cars, and eventually, we hope, robocars.



I'm afraid that I disagree about this graphic. The layout is confusing and some of the data is misleading at best. Using similar colors for the charts and the map is confusing, since the colors on the map have no relationship to the charts.

The stat about 62% of traffic fatalities coming from 10 countries is misleading since those 10 countries have 54% of the population.

The only thing I thought was interesting was that nearly half the traffic fatalities were to people who aren't in a car or truck.

On the general topic, I'd like to suggest the book "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)" by Tom Vanderbilt.

It also seems a little

It also seems a little suspicious that the numbers for Africa and the Americas are identical

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