Summary of main active robocar teams around the world - new report

Over the years I have reported on the efforts of many teams attempting to build robocars all over the world.

I’ve collected a summary of all these teams, including both car companies, Google and academic efforts.

You can read about it at Summary of Robocar Teams.

If you know of additional efforts and teams, please let me know and I will update the list.

Add Subaru

Some 2013 Subarus will have an optional lane-keeping/emergency-braking/adaptive cruise system based around two front-facing cameras mounted near the rear-view mirror. It is interesting that they appear to pulling off functions that other makers are still depending on radar for with stereoscopic imaging,

Radar vs. Camera

The Jerusalem company MobilEye which I note in the list produces camera based ACC and lanekeeping, and others have also produced it. Radar is better but more expensive. One of radar’s main advantages is it can see under the car in front of you, bouncing off the road, and get returns from the car in front of that.

Many cars have had lane keeping assist, but generally these systems do not provide self driving because they don’t have enough torque to actually do real steering (just minor corrections) and they often give you an alarm if you keep your hands off the wheel for too long. The new generation of “super cruise” products are letting you take your hands off the wheel for extended periods, but you must keep your eyes on the road as they are not close to perfect.

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