Panoramic article in Photo Technique


A little self-plug. I have an article on an introduction to panoramic photographic technique the November issue of Photo Technique with a few panos in it. This is old world journalism, folks -- you have to read it on paper at least for now.

In the meantime, I'm working on upcoming galleries of photos from Botswana, Eastern Europe and Burning Man for you. I have already placed two of my Botswana photos into my gallery of favourite panoramas. This includes a lovely group of elephants in Savuti and a sunset on the Okavango delta that is one of my new favourites.

We decided to go to Harvey's pan in Savuti one afternoon and lucked upon a large breeding group of elephant just on their way there. I caught them in one of my first long lens panoramas. Long lens panos are fairly difficult due to the limited depth of field, but they get great detail on the baby elephant.

Much more to come!


Great Capture, Brad! I'm curious, what lens did you used?

This was shot with the Canon 100-400mm L lens, probably at around 300mm. Thus the very shallow depth of field, in fact the DoF is tricked a bit here because different rows are shot at different focal distances.

Very nice panorama... i would like to do that :)