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Brad Ideas is the blog of Brad Templeton (main home page), whose history includes founding the first "dot-com" business in 1989, developing a dozen software packages, and 20 years (including 10 as chairman) at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He is also founding faculty (chair of computing) at Singularity University, a director of the Foresight Institute for nanotech and a semi-pro photographer. He created rec.humor.funny, which was the internet's most widely read publication from 1987 to the early 90s and the subject of one of its first major censorship battles. Today, his passion is self-driving cars, or Robocars which are the main subject of this blog. He talks frequently as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world about self-driving cars, the future of computing, privacy and more.

This is an "ideas" blog, with medium length pieces on issues and futurism, not a blog of links to other interesting resources of the day. It is probably best consumed by subscribing to the RSS feed of the full blog or any of the subtopics. You can also follow it via @bradtem on twitter or on LinkedIn.

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