Thoughts on the return of BSG

This blog has been idle over the past year, awaiting the return of BSG, which starts tomorrow. To be an honest predictor, while I have entertained many theories in the blog, I thought I should summarize those things I think are most likely, and comment on other events of the hiatus.

Many of you will have seen the "The Last Supper" photo now featured on the web site. Ronald Moore when asked about the missing figure in the picture (there were 13 at the last supper) gave a curious answer.

"We have not yet revealed the final [unknown] Cylon." Does that mean the people already at the table aren't the final Cylon? Moore laughs. "You ferreted that out pretty slyly. I didn't really want to give that away."

Some take this to mean RDM is declaring the final Cylon is not one of those at the table. This leads many to either Gaeta or Dualla, or sometimes to outsiders like Zarek, Cain, Cally, Cottle or even Joseph Adama.

My prediction is that RDM is equivocating here. He didn't want to give that away because it's false. The Final Cylon is at the table. This is one of the two central mysteries in the show right now -- the other being Earth -- and as he did with the Starbuck death, he will happily do overt lies when asked about this particular mystery. But he doesn't have to lie here, his statement is ambiguous enough.

My predictions:

  • Baltar is my lead prediction for the final Cylon. And/or he's an unaware incarnation of the Cylon god, a Cylon Christ of sorts. Secondary picks are Roslin, Apollo and William Adama.
  • This is set in the far future. Beings from Earth "took" Starbuck. Earth is the ancestral home of mankind. There either never was a 13th tribe, or if it existed, it was an expedition back to the homeworld.
  • The colonials are also artificial beings, programmed to think they are human. The line between "human" and Cylon is a very fine one. Starbuck's recovery may have been a download.
  • Yes, if it isn't obvious, the 4 Dylan fans are really Cylons, and have always been Cylons, but they are final 5 members.
  • Baltar's inner 6 is "real" and is a manifestation of the Cylon God, as she said she is.
  • D'Anna's apology to the final 5 was to the unrevealed member. (And that's probably Baltar.)
  • Starbuck's "leading the human race to its end" does not refer to its destruction, or does not refer to the colonials.
  • The Cylon God is the same as the Jealous God of Kobol and the must-not-be-named god of the five priests of the temple.
  • Many of the events of the fleet's journey will be shown to be the result of manipulation by outside powers such as the final 5, the Cylon god and the Earth people (if these are not all the same.) These include the war itself, the escape of Galactica, the trip to Kobol, the recovery of the arrow, the meeting at the algae planet and the meeting at the Ionian nebula.

Note that this interview claims that Moore stated the final Cylon is not in the Last Supper picture in unequivocal terms, yet strangely edits his words so we can't be sure. If this is really the case, I can't say I like any of the choices. Gaeta and Dualla are fan favourites (the latter because she became an Adama by marriage which would make Leoben's statement that "Adama is a Cylon" be true) but I have to say these would not be particularly exciting revelations. Joesph Adama would be an exciting revelation but I have to admit it's a bit too much out of the blue unless we see some more development about him. I will admit I don't want the statement to be true because I think it's unexciting writing if it is -- but I could end up surprised with something good I haven't yet seen.

We'll see how I do!

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