Some new terms to throw out

I like to make up terms. Here are some more for your use or enjoyment.

Returned to Fry's Electronics and re-shrinkwrapped. "Don't buy that one, it's been re-fried!"
Nerd Trolling
For women who want a geeky guy, dressing up to the 9s and going out on Friday night to the computer store, then standing in front of the hard drives muttering about whether you should get SATA, IDE or SCSI. The guys there alone Friday night are single, smart and probably well off or gainfully employed. Much better odds than the bars.
Modern, post-modern and futurist are not enough. If you're into the Singularity, worry about Gray Goo and copying uploaded human minds, you're a post-futurist.


Hmmm, I think you just made up the second one to give women an idea that they wouldn't have otherwise had...

Not that that's a *bad* thing, mind you...

Re: Nerd Trolling.

I can't believe that anyone actually does this.

I must be going to the wrong computer stores.

By the way, doesn't "trolling" have a connotation of insincerity? Almost like "nerd baiting" or "nerd teasing". If you go with that verb, women who wouldn't otherwise have had this idea may think of playing a cruel game instead of coming home with one of us!

[Brad: how do I know my e-mail address won't be picked up by spambots? I'm trying to keep this one clean.]

How about "rebayed" or "prebated" for those items where they buy it at Fry's, take the UPC off for the rebate and re-sell it on Ebay...there seems to be more than a couple of people living in $M1 homes in South Bay who occupy their time with these nickel-and-dime deals..."ebayters"? If you can actually make a living doing this you're a master-ebayter!

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