Term for people blabbering on cell phones

You have all seen them standing on sidewalks, talking loudly to nobody, waving their arms. Too well dressed to be crazy homeless folks -- then you notice the earbud, and know they are on a cell phone. We need a term for these people and this phenomenon.

Some ideas:

  • Cellchotic (and Cellchosis)
  • Schizophonia (And the afflicted are Schizophonics)
  • Celliloquists (not as derogatory)

Your ideas?


Well dressed crazy homeless people???

"Well doctor, is it benign?"
"I'm afraid not. While I can't identify it's exact cellular type, it's definitely mobilignant."

Rude people often comes to mind - especially when they bump into you or block a narrow aisle.


What also amazes me about these people is their apparent lack of concern at sharing the details of their private lives. Yesterday morning, I heard details of a schizophonic's divorce case that were certainly not meant for the wide audience he commanded at a local flea market.

Depending, they are either rude mother phalkers and simply public phreakers suffering from I-am-so-damn-important-I-need-to-speak-with-you-even-while-I-take-a-leak disease. How many times have you been in the bathroom and the guy next to you says, hello? so you politely answer back only to find out he's talking on his cell phone in the stall next to you? What's up with that?

May as well call 'em pods ... they're covered
in cellophone and they're shrink-(w)rapped.

I am rather grateful to such people, at least when I'm not right next to them, as I normally talk to myself when I walk, and now other people no longer treat me as crazy. It makes it much easier to work out technical problems when you can talk out loud.

The reason cell-phone users shout is actually technical: cell phones don't provide any side tone, the 20% or so of your own output that a land-line phone feeds back to your ear. Since you don't hear yourself properly, you unconsciously raise your voice. "Talking to a cellphone is like talking to a hairbrush."

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