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Battlestar Wiki Page on Final Cylon clues

Several months ago, I produced a draft new page for the Battlestar Galactica Wiki, to replace their old page on Cylon speculation. The Wiki tries to avoid speculative pages but this is an exception. While most people liked the page, for whatever reason it has not become the active page yet. Rather than wait, I offer a link to my Wiki Page on Fifth Cylon Clues.

Due to the nature of the Wiki, the page tries reasonably hard to avoid too much speculation, but rather documents items that have been observed in the show, or reported from official sources. In particular it is trying to document truly items that are truly extrahuman, or which are classic dramatic techniques. For example, "Gaeta is really smart" is not a clue, it's just something suspicious, and all characters have something suspicious. "Tyrol feels a compulsion to wander into the wasteland and find the Temple of Five" is a real clue, something beyond what a normal human would do. Another real clue, again with Tyrol, was Cavil saying to him "I know you're not a Cylon because I'm one and I haven't seen you at the meetings." (That's a clue for both of them as it turns out.)

So if you think you see something that needs editing, that is the standard to follow. And frankly, I think I've listed every real clue, so if you think of something, chances are instead that it was rejected as circumstantial. If you're not sure, leave a comment here.

Fifth Cylon Clues


Thanks for the clue page, Brad.

I remember Gaius Balter saying to V6 that one of them [Laura and Ellen] is a Cylon after running the Cylon tests.

I'm finding it unlikely that 3 would put the Final Cylon at risk with a Mexican standoff on the Basestar. That would exclude Laura, Adama, and Helo.

Gaius Baltar appeared in the opera house vision alongside the Final Five and I find it unlikely he could be in two places at the same time.

This rules everyone out from what I can tell unless the Final Cylon only appeared in the mini-series or are dead.

There's also a Mandala above Joe's Bar.

For any extra clues you need to cite the episode. He did not reveal what Ellen's test said, I don't recall anything about Laura's either.

And Tory's on the base star. Bill Adama is not at the time of standoff. Having a vision of the final five could still happen if you were one of them, but I agree that's interesting.

Okay, Brad. I'll have to dig through the episodes and see which ones they were.

You're right, Baltar didn't reveal the result of a specific test but he made a sideways remark about Laura and Ellen. It might just be a red herring as it could be a joke on Baltar's part. So, yeah. He said it but it might be something nobody should take too seriously.

The Mexican standoff thing was when 3 and the group faced each other down on the Basestar. She gave an order and the Centurians readied their canons while everyone else started waving their guns around like bananas. I can't remember if Tory is in that scene but I find it hard to imagine 3 getting personal like that if one of them was the Final Cylon.

Regarding the Dualla clue that reads she "survives poisoning that kills most other characters who receive it". It is heavily implied in The Woman King that she didn't receive the poison. First Cottle checks her out and says that she is heavily sedated but all right and later Dr Roberts says that, "I didn't harm her." To which Helo replies, "Yeah she's one of the good ones, isn't she?” When taken in context with Roberts' remarks about the relative usefulness of medicine fearing Saggitarians versus military personnel it suggests that she wasn't harmed because of her differing beliefs and perceived utility.

That strikes a clue for her out if true.

One of the things this page does is show just how few clues exist as to the fifth's identity and how wide open the field is. The lack of evidence makes this a pretty futile, if fun, exercise.

Ever noticed that when the five are shown in the opera house that there are six bright white banners that go from the ceiling to the floor, not five. The final five are standing on six banners. Hmmm..... Also, if the cylons took the time to number the models, there has to be a number 7. Why would that number be skipped? No one ever addresses that. What if there are two cylons that need to be revealed. Seven in the Bible is a number that stands for completeness.

Yup, I have talked about that before. Always figured that was the spot for the Cylon god.

There were 8 banners in the first vision of the opera house, by the way, but by the time they did the second one, they had the count of final 5 and they definitely left an empty banner.

Also, in "The Eye Of Jupiter" when Baltar is dreaming, there are six faces on a drawing he sees, not five. Hopefully, revealing two cylons will be a twist that is needed along with whatever else is planned. Just the final cylon reveal will be lacking something. So what ideas does anyone have about why #7 was skipped. Boxed maybe? One left of the line that doesn't know yet? ......

Anastasia Dualla, Anastasia means "Resurrection"!
I hope they air lock them all!

Both of these are in the 'Other' section after the 'Four with the Fleet' tab.

The first is you point about Leoben not knowing anything about the Final Five yet. You completely ignore his earlier line that coincides with "all this has happened before...", where he specifically mentions that last time he was the interrogator and Kara was the prisoner. He knows things because it happened before, just reversed. The Matrix like thing everyone doesn't want, too bad, it is happening. Earth is where the 'cylons' created 'humans'. Whether they were calling each other that back then is the question. I think the people we call 'cylons' called themselves 'human' and the 'humans' were the 'cylons', but that part is speculation, I got nothing to be able to prove that.

The other thing is Gaeta's Lament. I think it should be pointed out that it is also a metaphor for the Six in Baltar's head.

Indeed, since head-six is one of the leading candidates for final Cylon, it makes sense for Gaeta's song to refer to her.

Leoben's prophetic powers have always been odd. It could be that only some of the Cylons are blocked from the mysteries.

Sorry, I think I must not have been clear enough. Leoben specifically says that the interrogation between Starbuck and himself happened before, but the roles were reversed. I believe Leoben has a form of repressed memories. However, this has ALL happened before, the question is what is going to be done so it that it DOESN'T happen again.

Or rather he says that "maybe" last time the roles were reversed. Now all this is before the big plot was actually written (3rd season.)

The Cylons seem to have different knowledge of the big picture. Cavil seems to know something deeper, but Athena, Six and D'Anna seem completely unaware of it. Leoben at some point seems to know a lot about the cycle, at other points not. We never hear much from Doral and Simon. One wonders if the Cavil-Doral-Simon axis knows something the other axis doesn't.

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