What minor character is the final Cylon

With the shocking confirmation that the final Cylon is not anybody in the Last Supper photo our choices are far more limited, short of this being an out and out lie. While I don't put it past the producer of a show to lie (or certainly to equivocate) on a show's central mystery when asked a direct question, this is fairly direct. It's either a lie or a bizarre equivocation where "people" is taken to literally mean "non-Cylon" so that he's saying "The final Cylon isn't any of the non-Cylons in the picture" -- a tautology.

Let's examine the choices left to us. It's made more narrow by the declaration by D'Anna that the Final Cylon is not with the fleet. But there are no minor characters of note that are not with the fleet when she says this, other than dead characters. Worse, there are some dead characters she should not yet know to be dead. The one exception is Seelix, who is only marginally a character of note.

I've said for some time that the unmasking of the final Cylon, as a major climax of the series, must be dramatic. It has to be shocking and unexpected to most. While Baltar, who was my choice up to this point, would not have been shocking, I expected the "why" to be the real source of surprise, rather than the person. This may have to go doubly for the dead character.

Popular minor character choices Gaeta, Dee, Zarkek, Lampkin and Cottle are clearly with the fleet. And they're also quite uninteresting choices. Revealing it is one of them will elicit a "ho-hum" rather than a "Holy Shit" the way Tigh's unmasking shocked most of the audience (though of course not yours truly.) So even though some feel that D'Anna could be playing tricks by saying there are only 4 with the fleet, I see no reason for her to know that one is special, unless that one is on the base ship or dead. In fact, nobody on the fleet except the 4 themselves knows that one is special. And indeed, no reason for it to be any minor character on the fleet.

Other limiting clues include the following:

  • A report that the final Cylon was chosen during the first season. Other reports suggest it was a person from the miniseries but this is less confirmed.
  • Confirmed reports that there are clues in the show about this person
  • The prophecy of the first Hybrid about final Cylon: "And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."
  • The famous line that "Adama is a Cylon" given by Leoben, while in captivity.
  • While far from certain, there are a lot of dramatic reasons to suggest D'Anna's "You, forgive me, I had no idea" is to the final Cylon, somebody singled out for special recognition in the circle.

While it's not confirmed, it is my belief that the "Final Five" plot, with a whole new class of ancient Cylons, was not fully fleshed out until the 3rd season. However, many of these choices require this plot to have been worked out in the first season when the Cylon was picked. My intuition could be wrong here.

It should be noted, that by and large there are no actual clues that point towards any of these characters (or any other characters not eliminated by the photo.) In fact, truth be known only a few of the eliminated characters (Baltar, Roslin, Starbuck and perhaps the Adamas) had actual clues, clues on the order of Tyrol's compulsion to find the Temple or his superior response to vacuum.

Joseph Adama

My former favourite was recently eliminated by a declaration by Moore that it will not be somebody the audience has not seen, not a guest star.

Note that Lampkin tells Lee Adama that he looks just like his grandfather. It would be an interesting twist if Lee were a new incarnation of Joseph, however since Lee is in the last supper photo, that doesn't work out.

Real Baltar

There is a theory that went around after the picture came out. What if that's not Baltar and his head-Six in the photo, but real-Six and the Baltar that appears in her head (and Baltar's). Admittedly the clothes are not right for this, and the clues RDM stated say she's the head-six, but it's a cute trick by RDM if so. In that case, Baltar's not in the photo, and as I have indicated before he has the most clues for being the final Cylon.

Ellen Tigh

Well, it certainly would create some ironies to have two Final Five be married, and to make their story of betrayal and punishment a Cylon story. And her arrival was always suspect. The idea of a 4,000 year old couple, finding each other even in unaware incarnations is romantic. And he's seeing visions of her. But for her to be the final Cylon mastermind? I just don't see it. But she is indeed in shadow, and does need redemption. In fact, with all the eliminations she's percolated to the top.

In the miniseries, Tigh is seen burning a hole in a picture of Ellen with a cigar, giving her a giant red glowing eye. Many think this is a clue that she was always intended to be a Cylon, even if this was written long before the final five concept was developed.


Cally also generates an interesting story of two starcrossed lovers. Except they didn't like each other very much. It certainly adds some lovely ironies to Tory's murder of Cally. It doesn't explain why she was so badly affected by the vacuum when Tyrol the Cylon wasn't. It doesn't explain official declarations that Nicholas, their child, is half-human, half-cylon.

And D'Anna should really have no idea that she's dead. I can find a few circuitous routes but it's a stretch. What redemption does she need; for killing Boomer, who downloaded? Again, I don't see much here.

Kendra Shaw

She meets several of the requirements -- the quest for redemption among them. And it is a nice irony that the Hybrid would delivery his prophecy to her. (That Hybrid said he would download, I wonder where he is?) But a character created for one self-contained episode is an odd choice, especially given the various disclosures that this character was picked long ago, and clues have been scattered.

Zak Adama

Since it's not an unseen guest star, it's not him.

Seelix and Hot Dog

These characters, plus one or two even more minor characters, are not with the fleet. But they have such a limited presence in the show it is hard to imagine them being the long planned final Cylon. The only thing they have going for them right now is they're the only not dead, not eliminated characters. They don't fit the redemption clue or any other clues. If they get major development in coming episodes, this could change. But the declaration that it's not a guest star rules them out.


Elosha's been dead for most of the series, but her recent return as a spirit guide has people wondering. She was responsible for leading Roslin on the steps that took her to Kobol. But she doesn't match the Hybrid's prediction at all. As a character killed by Cylons, it makes sense that D'Anna would apologize to her so profusely.

In a major dash to this idea, however, IO9 reports that the script for The Hub was originally written with the dead Billy, but the actor was not available, and they did a search and replace on the name. This seems to rule out a grand plan to bring her back as a Cylon -- and him, too.

A Metal Cylon

Based on the visuals of the white robed figures, it's not one of the tall Centurions, but what if D'Anna saw a metal robot face as the fifth? She would indeed have reason to apologize profusely for having re-enslaved the metal Cylons. Their slavery, and its removal, has become a sub-theme of this season.

The Final Five come from the previous cycles of the "All this has happened before" cycle. Those prior cycles presumably had both metal robots and biological beings. Perhaps one of the final five retains an Earth-made robot body? She would certainly know he was not with the fleet.

A Hybrid

Similarly, the Hybrids are enslaved in their way. Learning that they are the fifth Cylon would also elicit the apology. And she would know the Hybrid is not with the fleet. The hybrids have a direct link to the Cylon God, we're told, as do the Final Five, who were his priests. But D'Anna shows no special deference to the Hybrid on her ship.

Admiral Cain

Cain was not present in the first season, but as a character from the original series, she was surely planned from the start and thus qualifies. She certainly needs redemption. She's kick ass. And being the only other commander to escape the war is suspicious. But I think her story is told already. I think her return would be a disappointment, though so would many of these other choices.

Kat, Billy, Socrata Thrace, Carolanne Adama

These, and other minor dead characters, would be boring. Remember how you felt learning Tory was a Cylon? You didn't feel a lot. Tigh and Tyrol were the shockers. These would be the same as Tory. And some are post-season-one characters with no real clues, or limited guest stars.

President Adar

Another unseen character who is disqualified.

Tamara Adama

Also disqualified.

A brand new character


Strange choices

Other choices I have seen put forward include one of the 7 Cylons (Leoben, Cavil or D'Anna) -- even though we've been told there are 12 models. This is pretty much ruled out by D'Anna's line to Cavil that "There are five other Cylons Brother, and one day you will see them. One day." I don't put much credit in theories that the Final Cylon is the viper, or is Earth, or is some new character never before seen from Earth. Or that it is the first Hybrid. They can be conceived of but they just don't work. And Boxey, the most hated character from the original BSG, removed from the new one for good reason? Give us a break.

This is not a great field. I don't like it, and I don't find anything very satisfying. As I have indicated, I think it's the "why" that will have to provide the shock. I see the Final Cylon as the Original Cylon -- the being on Earth back in the 21st century who started it all. And I still see Baltar as having a Cylon role, if not as a member of the Final Five, then as an incarnation of the God they created.


This is beginning to look more like a murder mystery novel but instead of looking for the dead body we're looking for the live body. I did some cursory research on writing a murder mystery story and some of the elements looked familiar. As the detective, Baltar has his demons, the story started hard and fast, and each significant plot point is a cliffhanger. Another opinion lists ten rules for mystery writing and, again, most of those are fulfilled by BSG. There's more stuff out there that may be worth browsing to develop your approach to analysing BSG. Reflecting on Agatha Christie's stories, it may well be that a fairly minor character revealed in the right way could have the sort of punch we're hoping for. So, yeah. It's not looking good but looking at BSG this way may thrown new light on things and unfold a more positive expectation of the remainder of the series.

I personally think that it will be someone who we have never seen before particularly since all these choices are rubbish. I think it will be not about the reveal of the fifth like the other four. So not about how they react or the the characteurs react to them being cylons, i think it will be about how the fifth cylon came from earth and that type of thing. So my choice would be someone from earth we haven't seen before.

Perhaps I'm just being cynical, but why should anyone assume Moore is telling the truth? I wouldn't fault him at all for spreading disinformation (i.e., lying) about what is arguably the central mystery of the series. And someone as clever as Moore could certainly find a way to equivocate while making a plausible argument that what he said was in some way the literal truth.

In running down the list of minor characters who might be the fifth (in the event Moore wasn't lying), you missed one of my favorite candidates: Doc Cottle. Cottle has been around, in the background, throughout the series. He has been shown to be compassionate toward both humans and Cylons. In one of his scenes on New Caprica, it's remarked that the blood on his surgical gown could be human or Cylon. Then there's the matter of Natalie's death. It could be a heavy-handed red herring, but Natalie looking up in her last moments into Cottle's masked face while he holds her hand -- well, that sure looked like a big, fat clue to me.

The argument against Cottle involves D'Anna's declaration that she was seeking only four of the five in the fleet, although it should be pointed out that this doesn't mean the fifth wasn't there. She knew Doc Cottle on New Caprica. However, we don't know enough about D'Anna's reasons or motivations in Revelations to do anything more than speculate. Likewise, we don't have enough information to say with any certainty why -- of even if -- the final Cylon wasn't rockin' to Dylon.

I do like the idea of somehow tying Galactica's universe into the prequel events on Caprica. From a marketing standpoint, it's a natural. However, I don't think it will be so straightforward as making Joseph Adama the final Cylon. That would inflict terrible damage on both story-line flexibility and dramatic tension in the prequel.

This is going a bit off-topic but I really liked Michael Hogan's (Saul Tigh) comments in the online interview, and how Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle) played his character. There's an honesty and old school character about them that makes a refreshing change to the corporate bullshit and celebrity hysteria that's become too common lately. This leads me to wonder about the quality of acting needed to pull of the Final Cylon. Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster) is a bit of a dud in terms of acting and characterisation. Which of the candidate characters has the acting chops or story resonance to make the grade? I guess, I'm wondering what looks and feels right for this reveal.

I agree with Chiaroscuro. I've felt this for some time. Cottle feels right to me for all of the reasons stated. Too major a character would feel cheap to me (and the last supper has pretty much discounted them anyway). Someone we don't know, or someone dead would also feel like a cop-out, a little too lazy on the writing for this show.
Also, why assume D'anna's telling the truth? She may be lying about the 5th being with the fleet. She may not even know who the 5th is (although that's unlikely). And of course, any character we didn't see on screen in Revelations may have left the fleet before or during it's events. Cottle was mentioned, but we never saw him. I'm just throwing these things out there to make a point; D'anna's statement doesn't count for a lot in my books.
I've just come across this blog, and through some kind of convergent evolution, I have many of the same theories as Brad. "All this will happen before, and all this will happen again". I think you may have stretched some of the details, but I also think the first artificial beings (Cylon's) were created on earth in the distant past. I think those original cylon's also rose up and attempted to kill their creators (who then maybe fled to Kobol, where it all happened again, then they fled to the 12 colonies.....). Something like that, I'll let Ron fill in the details ;)
But my point is: regarding the hybrid's words, “And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.”
The fifth is Cottle, who knows he's a Cylon and always has. He hungers for redemption from the crimes his race committed so long ago on earth, and is attempting to bring human and cylon back together. But first must come terrible suffering; the destruction of the 12 colonies.

There has been a lot of discussion at the BSG spoilers forum (http://www.battlestarforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=28, registration required) that Boomer makes a pretty legitimate candidate. Obviously she dates back to the first season, and D'Anna would have been absolutely sure she would not have been on the fleet. She had an integral role to play in the initial stages of the exodus, like several of the F5 (getting Baltar off Caprica, organizing the fleet, identifying Kobol, helping initiate the Cylon ceasefire, etc). Her relative neglect in recent history makes her a very fresh face (so to speak) this season. She matches the First Cylon prophecy very well - arguably better than Joe Adama.

Yeah, there are strikes against this, like D'Anna's line to Cavil as you mentioned. I don't have a good explanation for that, except perhaps as yet another lie of hers. Certainly, if she said suddenly that there were only four other cylons before she got boxed, that would be a pretty unsubtle hint to Cavil that one of the F5 is a S7, and that would have severe repercussions that D'Anna may have wanted to avoid. On a similar note, much hay has been raised on the forums about D'Anna's behavior towards Boomer right after she got resurrected. The question is, if Boomer was the last Cylon, why did D'Anna show a complete disregard for her? Well, there are plenty of reasons - D'Anna not wanting to rat out Boomer in front of Cavil; D'Anna not being sure if Boomer has been made self-aware yet; D'Anna having a general lack of regard for the final five in general (as evidenced by her willingness to risk vaporizing the fleet), perhaps not knowing if Boomer was the final Cylon or if it was another copy, etc.

I'd put Jake the dog ahead of Boomer if for no other reason Boomer is already outed as a Cylon and can't be one of the Final Five Cylons. Boomer is a known model of Cylon and that kinda goes against there being five other Cylons. Ron might be bullshitting his way through this one to some degree but if the guy can read a paycheck his maths isn't that bad.

As a "Number 8" Cylon specifically. We don't know what goes into Cylon creation, but it may be that she is a number 8 only in surface appearance. However, even though I first floated this notion months ago, it was only a passing fancy, and not a theory I buy, simply because it would seem much more difficult to explain. This is also why I don't favor Zak Adama - explaining how he is a Cylon, but not Apollo, and what happened to the real Zak, would probably take more time and effort than they want.

If Zak, or anybody else is a Cylon, they will have been so from the start. There would be no "real Zak" who was replaced. That's been made clear several times, and doesn't alter anybody's chances.

There are 12 Cylon models (miniseries). "There are five OTHER Cylons, brother. I have seen them." (Rapture). D'Anna awakes with Cavil and Boomer. She kills Cavil, barely looks at Boomer. Athena is a far more unusual #8 than Boomer -- switched sides, had a baby. It does not appear to be Boomer.

"There are five other Cylons, Brother, and one day you'll see them. One day." -- some of D'Anna's final words.

She just apologized to the final Cylon, in my view. It's not Boomer.

Tom Zarek seems like the obvious candidate to me.

I should add that in advocating to Zarek, I think that D'Anna is being cagey about whether the final Cylon is with the Fleet.

She could be lying, of course, but I want to understand not just why she is lying but how she knows to tell this particular lie. In other words, how does she know that one of the final 5 is different from the other 4? She's just woken up after having seen their faces. It's just possible that a few fleet rumours have come to her since the wakeup, but nobody on the fleet, except the 5 themselves (or perhaps just the 4) know that one is special.

So how does she know one is special, whether that one is inside the fleet or not?

Last she saw, Zarek was on their death list as an agitator who would not collaborate. She may have heard he became VP. But why would she think he was different from Tigh?

You make an excellent point. We have to keep in mind that our perspective on all this is skewed. We have had the opportunity to watch numerous episodes, and we know the whereabouts of all the major and minor characters. D'Anna just woke from a deep sleep, and has not been off the baseship, and while possible, I doubt she spent her time catching up on fleet rumors and history. I believe at this point all the clues are right in front of us. While I don’t profess to know who the final Cylon is, I believe we can rule out all the remaining living characters. Here is my reasoning.

To start, I think we can rule out everyone in the fleet. I agree with Brad that she should not know that any one of the final five is more special than the others. She stated that four were in the fleet. She could be lying, but then why give a number at all? Why not just ask that all the remaining Cylons in the fleet to come forward? Why would she want to protect one over the other? D’Anna lying just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Next, I think we can rule out everyone on the basestar. If any of the final five were present on the basestar, why wouldn’t D’Anna just walk up to them and ask them to come forward? There would be no risk to them at that point, since they are on a Cylon controlled basestar. The only candidates that remain are people not in the fleet, or on the basestar.

To go a little further, I think it has to have been someone she could have met during the timeline of the show. While in the temple she looks at their faces, and seemed to recognize them. How could it be some off screen character like Zak? We know characters like Zak are not in the fleet, so you are stuck trying to contrive some back story about meeting them in a bar on Caprica, before the war. It just doesn’t fit. So the only characters that remain are those that have been killed since the beginning of the show, like Elosha, Cain, and Ellen.

The problem with the people "not in the fleet" is that they are either in the photo (Adama, Baltar, Roslin, Helo) of dead. I guess it is suggested that Seelix is on the base star, but that's a stretch too.

But yes, if you don't follow the photo rule, then Baltar, Roslin and Adama are candidates. She clearly knows that Baltar is unaware (from before, and she could check it) and she reacts strongly to him when she sees him. But he's in the damn photo.

I'd been wondering if maybe the reason the D'Anna only asked for the four that were "in the fleet" is perhaps she had one of them already as a hostage - and wasn't about to play the card and reveal it if that person was unaware they were one of the Final Five.

Unfortunately, the only one I can come up with that would even be semi-important enough to qualify would be Seelix - and that doesn't seem quite right (although she did fight in the resistance and got the great line when she kicked Cavil).

There's also the Six/Tigh child which would fit the bill of "And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering" insofar as coming from the womb, not being in the picture, and not being with the fleet inasmuch as they're not yet born.

Have we all forgotten about Boxy? Boxy in the original series books was the one who brought the entire fleet to Earth and became commander. He's a very significant character in the series, hands down. It would be a big surprise if he was a cylon.

For my money, the final Cylon is Ellen Tigh.

From the beginning, she's been fairly suspect....

She was found on the Rising Star by Adama, after having been saved by some "unknown hero". No one on the Rising Star remembered treating her or even seeing her. Quite a mystery appearance.

As the Hybrid said about the final Cylon:

1) "still in the shadow yet clawing for the light" - she is no longer with the fleet and one could argue that she is clawing for the light by returning to Saul Tigh in his recent visions
2) "Hungry for redemption" - she is indeed after her betrayal of the resistance on New Caprica.

Ellen fits all the clues.

* Not in Last Supper Picture
* Not in the Fleet
* From Season 1
* Had major clues and major speculation surrounding her. (How did she get on that last ship out of Picon?)
* Has a really good excuse for not joining the other four at the Meet & Greet.
* Has the most emotional impact compared to anyone else on the list.

Does anyone else on this list come as close to meeting all the clues as Ellen Tigh does?

(And also let me eliminate Seelix and Hot Dog. D'Anna seemed more then happy to airlock them, why would she do that if either were the last Cylon? She also seemed more then happy to return them after the hostage standoff was completed.)

Just a question...Did Ellen really die? Ander's told Tigh to do it, and Tigh gave her the drink and she passed out, and Tigh thinks she is dead...but was she?

I figure it's gotta be Ellen or Kendra Shaw. Remember, when the hybrid was saying “And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering”, it was Kendra that was the center of the action...

I don't think it is outside the realm of possibility that Starbuck is a cylon. Perhaps the Starbuck currently with the fleet (and pictured) is not the real one, thus cylon-Starbuck is not in the Last Supper? She has always been an odd character, and possesses the characteristics we have come to associate with cylons, excluding the chief: physically strong, impulsive, and an ability to quickly rise to a position of power. If she is a final five, it would also explain why Leoben consistently helps her: perhaps he alone knows her true identity. It would also create a Romeo/Juliet aspect to her romance with Lee.

Zak has always been a suspect to me. It would be a bit melodramatic, which could be good or bad. But the fact that his death was caused by his own weakness makes me less sure.

Ellen seems like the best choice at the moment. Also Zarek, but I think the revelation is meant to stir us, and he is a not-so-charismatic character.

As far as D'Anna's declaration, I see no reason why we should think she is telling the truth. If she is lying, it must be for a reason, but other cylons have lied. She admitted herself that she no longer trusts anyone. Maybe she wanted to keep the identity of the final cylon to herself.

Anyway, money's still on some version of Kara Thrace.

Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek) doesn't have the acting chops to pull much off. No disrespect to the guy but I winced at his acting in the last conflab with the quorum. And the guy's too much of a fading pretty boy star. Just to throw in some balance so he doesn't cry into his beer, he was great in some earlier stuff. He did that menacing and brooding thing quite well. Anyway, whoever they get in, I hope they don't get 'the wrong script'.

What you're suggesting, however, is that somehow the original Starbuck is a Cylon, and the copy of her that came back in the Viper is not a Cylon? Doesn't that seem like a stretch? I do think the returned Starbuck may well be a copy, but either they are/were both "humans" or they are both Cylons. Moore said long ago Cylons can't copy real people, but admittedly this pertained to the first 7 Cylons, not the Final five.

Also, is anyone keeping track of the religious symbolism? We clearly have a lot of biblical and mythological allusions going on. If the final cylon is the Jesus figure, could it not be Hera (half cylon, similar to Jesus being the son of God)? Maybe the writers are throwing in the allusions to titillate us, but maybe the answer is there.

Of this group, Ellen seems like the most logical choice, though I'm not excited about it. It can't be Joseph, Tamara, or Zak Adama, the audience has never met them (flashbacks don't count) and so it would be anti-climactic. I'll be disappointed if the Fifth isn't female, and if it's Elosha, Kat or Kendra Shaw then at least that would round out the group from the "there really are only 12 kinds of humans" comment that RDM said. This is partly why I have always favored Dee, but clearly she was in the fleet at the time.

No wait.... Nevermind. Wrong story.

Moore is a master of massive character arc changes. No reason a minor can't evolve into a major character, providing a spectacular "What the Frak" moment as the 5th Cylon.

I don't think D'Anna was/is lying.
All four were in attendance when D'anna arrived on the Galactica.
Saul Tigh, Tory standing with Adama, Chiel Tyrol and Anders were standing on a crosswalk looking down on her.
My question is how did she know they were activated or knew they were Cylons - how does she know if the 5th is activiated ? I think she saw 4 and went with that.

I have thought that Helo may be the 5th. But if RM denies the people in the last supper photo .....
Then I have to go with Dr. Cottle. When Roslin 1st met Cottle her comment was(paraphrased) " Strange little man"
When D'anna interviewed him (before we knew she was a cylon) her comment about Cottle was "Stange little man".
We haven't been privy to alot of Dr. Cottle backstory, yet we, as viewers, "think" we "know" him. I think there is alot more to Dr. Cottle and he very well may need to be redeemed.
It would be more balanced if it were a female. But agree that there is not really a good shocking canadiate to be 'the" final. The Last half of the season will be an interesting conclusion to ALL the questions, we fans would like to have answered ....COMING SOON
and not soon enough! So say we all.

D'Anna declares there are four Cylons while on the base star -- long before she gets to Galactica. Later, on Galactica she makes eye contact and can see they know. Up to this point, other than for Baltar, she would have no way of knowing anything about their awareness.

So unless she's lying -- which I doubt, it's not Cottle or anybody else in the fleet.

Alrighty then....

Question then.
6 tells Roslin that she 'senses" the 5 are near.
Previous to this Cylons did not "know" who the 5 were and were programmed not to think of them. Obviously, they did not "sense" them before activation ....( a question in the form of a statement ?)
So if 6 "sensed" the 5 are near.
The 5 is activated. And if 5 has always been actived (always knew they were cylon)...then wouldn't the cylons have sensed the 1 before?

and to sense the nearness of the 5 - where is the dead people? Zak, Ellen, Elosia, Cat, Joesph, etc.
if downloaded on the HUB....piffffff. Unless they are beings of light and the five are actually capable of assuming human form. Does this mean any human form?

So? I am not seeing Seelix being particularly dynamic mystery final cylon.... LOL !
comment on upcoming mysterious piano man? and Starbuck
a Hylon capable of second life?

Senses that the group of Cylons are near. She could be getting that from 4 of the 5. This doesn't really tell us if she is sensing all 5 or not. Could be, might not be.

The suggestion that the final Cylon is "in shadow" suggests not activated, but we can't be sure.

None of these options thrill me. I mentioned in another blog both the "Logan's Run" or "Foundation and Earth" options, where the final fifth cylon is either some old man in a hatch (thus the "clawing toward the light") on the blasted surface of the Earth, or some super robot like Daniel Olivaw who remained behind as the first colony ships left the Earth for Kobol. The Dylan Four were sent out to see how the human race was fairing from Earth where only a small population of survivors have persisted. Maybe the cylons themselves are modelled after the crew of the colonial sleeper ships, and thus were bioengineered for long life.

There is still a lot to be explained and I think the final cylon will prove to be the mastermind behind recent events. D'Anna knows him/her, she exclaimed she had no idea, and was profoundly sorry to him/her. Maybe Billy Keikeya???

I think maybe Earth is the final Cylon. All lonely and desolate. Sending the other Cylons to bring her the human race to repopulate her and make her whole. Maybe a master computer designed to save humanity from itself.

But what do I know.


If the final cylon is a new character I'm guessing it’s the troubadour person the actors keep mentioning. It would fit in neatly with the "Watchtower"/strange music business.

Either mom or dad would explain a lot. It would explain Kara's destiny, it would explain her mom's abuse (which also fits the redemption clue), and it fits the clues we've been given (not in the picture, not in the fleet, and someone known to RDM since the first season). The mother would make the most sense, but making it Starbuck's father would give them the chance to make a very interesting casting choice...

So my theory on the Last Cylon is... Head Six... and Head Baltar and any other head-ish characters we've seen on the show.

I believe that the last 5 Cylons (Tory, Tyrol, Tigh, Anders) can't resurrect, so when they die - they're a cylon skinjob without a body. We know that the 7 Cylons have the ability to project - to see the world around them in whatever fashion they wish to (see Season 3 - where Six sees the world as a forest).

What if these Final 5 Cylons can also Project into other people's heads - so that the people see what that Cylon wants them to.

Project a sexy Head-Six into Baltar's head, and steer him into a religious, monotheist direction.

Project a confident Head-Baltar into Caprica-Six's head and give her the strength to help Hera, and create a child that is a result of cylon / cylon reunion.

Project Head-Leoben into Kara Thrace's head and steer her towards her destiny of death and resurrection. A destiny that led to an alliance between cylons and humans.

Throughout the series, the "Head Entities" have steered key players into certain positions. I believe these "Head Entities" are one Entity - the Final Cylon. This solves two of the big mysteries of the show - a) What are Head-Six, Head Baltar etc? and b) Who is the Final Cylon?

The only logical way I can think of for D'Anna -- who's been in cold storage for months -- to know definitively that "there are four in your fleet" and that the fifth is NOT in the fleet is if the fifth Cylon is standing there in the room when she speaks that line. This also explains how she knows the four are different from the final; she is somehow aware that the fifth, though in the room with her, is not yet aware of his/her true identity -- has not yet been activated or 'awakened.'

One of the things I've tried to do over the last few years is to let the work (i.e. the show) stand on its own, and I guess I'll keep doing that. My sense of who the final cylon is will come from the aired episodes (with perhaps a hint or two from cut scenes). I'll judge the work, not what some producer, or writer, or actor tells me the work means. If you go to an art museum or read a novel, you don't expect the creator to be available to explain his creation. I love the fact that RDM has opened up to his audience as much as he has, I'm going to keep treating the show like it was written by J.D. Salinger or some other reclusive artist.

A thing came to mind the other day. D'anna said that the final cylon isn't in the fleet. So maybe it's someone who was left behind somewhere, like on the colonies, or kobol, or new caprica. Maybe it's someone who's been taken prisoner by the cylons. Then maybe that final cylon is in the hands of the significant seven cylons that didn't side with the humans. Then they'd have to go and free this cylon or rescue them from the colonies or new caprica, fighting alongside the humans. This is in my eyes a plausible storyline, cause it would result in bringing the cylon civil war to an end, which is still an outstanding issue to be resolved. It would also resolve the issue of a longstanding peace between human and cylon. And if they're a cylon prisoner that would explain why D'anna apologized.

I just can't imagine who it will be then. Where there any minor or major characters that disappeared or were taken prisoner and never seen again. I can't remember. It would still be a shocker. Like 'No way, they're still alive!' but who would it be then. Anybody got any ideas?

Producers have assured us this final Cylon is not some rarely seen character from earlier in the show.

Of course if you put all the clues together (not in the fleet, not a day player, somebody in it from season 1) it leaves only the dead characters and the Virtual being.

Incredibly LAME!

At this point why even care??? 9 MONTH HIATUS! HELLO!

I hope the ratings for this final run are so bad they cancel Caprica once and for all!


If The 12th model is a minor character ((which is a small possibility))

then it has to be someone who is So smart, So manipulative, So farseeing...

At least, these are the expected qualifications for anybody to deserve to be The Final Cylon in my opinion.

In this case, The only Candidate is Romo Lampkin by far, which would be gorgeous I should say.

Other choices would be a HUGE disappointment for me, if the 12th is a minor character.

He would disappoint me. He's played such a tiny role in the series, and he's in the fleet when D'anna says there are four in the fleet.

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