Deadlines approaching for Singularity U summer program and accelerator

The highlight and founding program of Singularity University, where I am chair of computing, is our summer program, now known as the Global Solutions Program. 80 students come from all over the world (only a tiny minority will be from the USA) to learn about the hottest rapidly changing technologies, and then join together with others to kickstart projects that have the potential to use those technologies to solve the world's biggest problems.

This year is the 2nd year of a Google scholarship program, which means the program is free for those who are accepted. About 50 slots go to those scholarships, the other 30 go to winners of national competitions to attend. You can apply both ways. That means you can expect a class of great rising and already risen stars. I don't like to exaggerate, but almost everybody who goes through it finds it life-changing.

If you are at a point where you are ready to do something new and big, and you want to understand how technology that keeps changing faster and faster works and how it can change the world and your world, look into it.

Learn about it and apply.

Also closing on Feb 19 is our accelerator program for existing or nascent startups. Applicants get $100K in seed funding, office space at Nasa Research Park and more through our network. You can read about it or Apply.

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