ExoWorld conference on the future of the world with rapidly changing technology comes April 14-16

Pretty much every conference around the globe has vanished, so a group of colleagues is putting on a new virtual conference starting April 14 on the world's future with the exponential technologies (Computing, Digital Bio, Energy, Medicine and much more.) It includes the great team of speakers I worked with regularly at Singularity University, and a star-studded array of great speakers and attendees. The virtual conference software will allow some approximation of "hallway" conversations and breakouts as well. I will be speaking on the future of mobility and cities, expanding from robocars to the sidewalks, scooters and flying.

We'll cover not just that but AI, medicine (including virus updates,) digital biology, digital manufacturing, crime and security, neuroscience, governance, energy and much more with over 100 speakers, including folks like former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, and X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis

This is part of the sort of program people regularly would spend $2K to $15K to attend in person. Online may not be as good as in person, but this 3-day event will be only $147 at the early bird price.

Visit the ExoWorld Intro Page to sign up before April 1. With the tax deadline extended and cities on lockdown, what else are you going to do on April 14-16?

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