Gallery of my favourite panoramas

While I have over 30 galleries of panoramic photos up on the web, a while ago I decided to generate some pages of favourites as an introduction to the photography. I'm way behind on putting up galleries from recent trips to Israel, Jordan, Russia and various other places, but in the meantime you can enjoy these three galleries:

My Best Panoramas -- favourites from around the world

Burning Man Sampler -- different sorts of shots from each year of Burning Man

Giant Black Rock City Shots -- Each year I shoot a super-large shot of the whole of Black Rock City. This shows this shot for each year.

As always, I recommend you put your browser in full-screen mode (F11 in Firefox) to get the full width when clicking on the panos.



I have a photographer doing panoramic shots for a website (360 degree) out in remote locations. What should I offer to pay her for this work? Any ideas?

This really depends on how good she is. Panoramic work is more time consuming, and more error prone, so it needs both some skill and redundancy. It can pay to take it multiple times (and "it" is many shots) to be sure you have it right. I mean any pro will take many of a regular shot, but this multiplies it.

In addition, there is the digital work to do when she gets home, which adds a few hours to the job.

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