Guide to writing on this site

Go to create content and select the right sort of content, such as a blog entery or for Battlestar Guest bloggers a battlestar page.

After entering your title and any tags, it is recommended you open the "Input Format" box and switch from the boring anonymous default to "HTML-Trusted", which allows Markdown syntax for easy entry of more complex text. It also allows "Interwiki" syntax for links to Wikipedia and Battlestar Galacica Wiki. For example, you can enter [ [bsg:Final Five] ] (no spaces between the brackets, that's just to escape it) to make a link to that page on the Battlestar Wiki, or use "w" for Wikipedia.

If I should look at your content before it goes live, go to the "Publishing" options and uncheck "published." Then mail me the URL so I can look at it and approve it. However, normally trusted users can put things live and I will fix any problems later. You should never promote an item to the front page unless you are invited to do so by me, that's a different blog.

Battlestar guide:

Interesting analysis. Speculation is fine but should be marked as such, even given a liklihood estimate, which can include "not at all likely, just interesting."

Never, ever any ad hominem regarding other writers, commenters etc. I follow my assumptions and you may differ from them, but may want to explain why when you do so. As a guest blogger, include a reminder at the start of the message introducing yourself. Your blog userid will appear at the top of all postings and links to your profile, where you can put a short bio and a link to your home page or personal blog.

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