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Panorama in ad, and more on automatic reset.


I'm pleased to see that more of my photography is getting licenced for ads and web sites these days. I like the job that this PDA ad does with my 360 degree view of Shanghai People's Square. Of course I can't read the text very well.

By the way, I learned the hard way how valuable the feature I proposed earlier for digital cameras -- where they would notice if they've been set in an unusual state after a long gap between sessions -- while on my trip this month to Edmonton, and one of my favourite spots on the planet -- the rocky mountains in Banff and Jasper. Just before the trip I had put the camera into the "small" image size mode because I was shooting some stuff for eBay, and you really don't need 8 megapixel shots for that. Alas, I left it there, and this is one of those mode switches which is not at all obvious. You won't notice it unless you pay careful attention to the tiny "s" on the LCD panel, or if you download the photos. Alas, on my 4gb card I can go a long way without downloading, so a full days shots, including a lovely snow dusted Lake Louise were shot in small size, high compression.

The other way you would spot this is the camera shows you how many shots you have left. My 4gb card shows 999 when it starts even in large mode. But after shooting for a short while it eventually starts counting down. I only noticed I was in small mode when the 999 didn't start counting down with hundreds of shots.

So this is definitely a case where the camera should notice it's been days since I shot, and warn me I'm shooting with this unusual setting. I will still get quite serviceable web photos from that day, but not the wall sized prints I love.

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