Panoramas of Burning Man 2009

I have put up a gallery of panoramas for Burning Man 2009. This year I went with the new Canon 5D Mark II, which has remarkable low-light shooting capabilities. As such, I generated a number of interesting new night panoramas in addition to the giant ones of the day.

In particular, you will want to check out the panorama of the crowd around the burn, as seen from the Esplanade, and the night scene around the Temple, and a twilight shot.

Below you see a shot of the Gothic Raygun Rocket, not because it is the best of the panoramas, but because it is one of the shortest and thus fits in the blog!

Some of these are still in progress. Check back for more results, particularly in the HDR department. The regular sized photos will also be processed and available in the future.

Finally, I have gone back and rebuilt the web pages for the last 5 years of panoramas at a higher resolution and with better scaling. So you may want to look at them again to see more detail. A few are also up as gigapans including one super high-res 2009 shot in a zoomable viewer.


Wow, Absolutely awesome work.
Thank you so much for helping us get across the epic nature of this event to friends and family who couldn't be there.

Much love and respect for the time and effort involved


echoing the comment above, i'd also like to thank you much for making your work available to us. it's awesome out there, and it's and awesome challenge, as you note, to capture it in an successful way. thanks for taking it up.

Just stunning work Brad. Really captures it as if we were looking at it with our eyes but way wider than that even.
Really advanced stuff. Thanks for this wonderful contribution to one of the coolest events on the planet.

Dear Brad,
since long time I dream of attending the event, but never made it, since from Lugano Switzerland it's a far destination ...
therefore since years I'm seeing it through the lenses and panoramas, the first was Charles Evans, which I reviewed also in VRMAG, later Will Pearson, and very few others and now ... your excellent coverage. thank you for this beautiful documentary and artistic images. Thanks to twitter for telling me about.

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