Pre-Canada Day Bring your own Fireworks Party

On short notice, we'll be having a pre-Canada Day "BYOF" (Bring your own Fireworks) party at our Pacifica place on Sunday, June 29.

Because Pacifica has so much fog to keep it moist, they allow "Safe and Sane" fireworks at private homes, and on the beach. On July 4, many hundreds will crowd the beaches, and it's quite a sight, but we're going to cheat and hold it on Sunday, 2 days before Canada Day (July 1.)

We'll gather and socialize starting about 2:30pm, order in some Pizza or Chinese and other snacks around 6:30, watch the sun set over the ocean at 8:30 and set off the fireworks sometime after 9 pm.

Ok, I'll admit it. "Safe and Sane" fireworks are sometimes a bit underwhelming. They don't look like the picture. But it can still be fun. On the 4th, people try to set off bigger fireworks, and they run away and the police try to get them. Cops even set up a holding pen on the beach. We won't get that, though.

About a BYOF: Key to a good BYOF is not having too many of those "combo boxes" which have a lot of little fireworks. There are only so many different ones and you end up with a lot of repeats. We don't ask folks to spend much money, but it's better to spend it all on one firework (or something that's fun when repeating like sparklers) than on a combo.

There are fireworks vendors all over Pacifica, including 2 that have set up just a short walk from the house, near Manor and Highway 1.

If the crowd is small, we'll set off at the house. If larger, we'll do and expedition to the beach, which may involve carpools. (There is a walkable beach, but the cops want people to go to Rockway and Linda Mar, at least on July 4.)

Weather: Pleasant. The fog is just burning off now at 2:30! This webcam will show you. Also, after about 3:30pm try the partycam which is also capturing a time-lapse movie of the day.

Traffic: Do note that due to the Gay Pride parade in the morning, there will be extra traffic in downtown SF and heavier use of transit.

The party is at 231 Manor Dr. (& Perry), in Pacifica CA. Here are maps and directions. Street Parking is plentiful.

Note: This is a vacant home recently renovated by Kathryn's mom for eventual sale. Treat it nice please! Not much furniture, which is good for a party.

Check this page before the party for any updates. Dress Canadian (ie. a cold day at the beach.) If we go to the beach, I'll update here, and can you call my cell (408 313 BRAD) after 8:30 for details if you are not on the web.


If you would like in on dinner food, RSVP is appreciated. It may be BYOF, but I will provide snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. You can BYOB for Alcohol. You can RSVP in one of the following ways, but please pick only one:

  • On Facebook, if you are a member at this event page
  • Via E-mail to party at
  • In the comments here, if you like


Too bad I still live in Massachusetts. Will the madness ever end???? Thanks for the invite! --Lynn

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