A Very Murphy Christmas - my mother's Christmas Album

My gift to you all this holiday is a Christmas album I produced from my mother's 1950s studio recordings for her radio show. These have high quality audio. The album is available free to friends as a download of MP3s and also as a YouTube playlist. You can also download individual MP3s.

Later it will appear on Spotify/iTunes/etc. You will find a mix of classics like White Christmas, but also a handful of songs which you probably never heard before -- it's always nice to hear new Christmas songs.

There are 18 songs, including 4 from TV shows with lower audio quality.

If you go by my home the album is playing with all my lights synced to the music.

Even though these only went out on AM radio, we are lucky to have reel-to-reel quality tapes (though it was mixed live so not multi-track.)

Canadians may want to check out the Punkinhead song - sort of Canada's Rudolph (made by Eaton's) where she sings with the composer playing piano, so not a cover song but an original.

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