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Who are the powerful forces manipulating events?

There are too many coincidences in the show to not conclude that there are some powerful external forces manipulating events. Here's a list of forces we've seen named:

  • The Final Five (sleeper agents) on board the fleet, and the hidden #1
  • The Final Five (aware copies) who appear in visions and presumably also planted the sleeper copies
  • The god whose "name must not be (spoken)" worshipped by the...
  • Five priests of the Temple of Five
  • The Cylon God. Baltar's inner-Six claims to be an angel sent by him
  • The beings who took Starbuck and immediately brought her to Earth
  • The "Jealous God" who wanted to be top God on Kobol
  • Beings who send messages through the Oracles
  • Factions from Earth
  • Other lords of Kobol
    • Zeus, who banished the tribes
    • Athena, who was champion of the tribes, and killed her self at their expulsion
    • Hera, agenda unknown, and others of unknown affiliation.
    • Aurora, whose symbol was given to Starbuck, and then to Adama

Now, as it turns out, many of these are obviously the same being or at least on the same side. The glowing Final Five appear in the Temple of Five, suggesting they are the same as the priests, and the God whose name must not be spoken is probably the Cylon God and also the jealous God. And all these are probably aligned with some other lords of Kobol.

Those who took Starbuck would appear to be from Earth. Why else do they bring her here first thing? Though it's possible they are just granting her wish.

The reality of the Lords of Kobol is of course not yet established, nor technically is that of the Cylon God, though the more that Inner-Six becomes established as real, the more the Cylon God becomes established a real. #3 refers to "The one who programmed us" and ideed that's somebody -- probably associated with the Final Five. Also up for grabs is who the Cylon fleet at the Ionian Nebula represent.

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