RFID in passports


The movement for RFID in passports (and biometric passports) is growing. Belgium plans a trial later this year. As a privacy advocate I take some irony in realizing that this gives us what we have been asking for for ages.

Not having to show ID when we travel.


Hi, i came across you website while searching the internet on copyrighting photos. I looked at your photos and thought they were pretty good. I also read your comments on rfid tags. IMO these tags are the mark of the beast!(not literally) The last thing people realise about these tags is how much of their privacy they are giving up. In America we don't even realize what privacy means. The old saying is true, "you dont know what you have until it's gone". If there is a place on your web page to ask you a question directly, please point me in the right direction. I would like to ask you a few questions about copyrighting photographs. WindUp records wants photos that my sister has and she has no clue how to get credit for them. They offered 5 grand for a stack of her photos but I want her to make sure she is credited as the photographer. If you would get back to me, I would be soooo grateful. I am not a very savy computer user! Thank you for your time. Cindy

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