Sermon on the Mount, as annotated by George W. Bush

George W. Bush names Jesus as the philosopher he admires the most. The most central of the teachings of Jesus can be found in the Sermon on the Mount.

I have come upong Bush's edited version of the sermon, amended to make the dictates of his Saviour easier to follow in these modern times.

Enjoy here in the Sermon on the Mount (George Bush Version)


Amended certainly, but not abridged (shortened). See also Ambrose Bierce's Ten Commandments recalculated for this meridian:


You obviously have an incredible mind and many interests. Could
you get interested in theology? Your wonderful send-up of Bushianity
has me thinking that you may have heard the voice of God. Prophets
are naturally intolerant of Bush-grade B.S.
W and his clan of Molech worshipping imperialists / expansionists
have been allowed to twist the meaning of God's Holy Word for too
long, perhaps because the 'liberal' theologians haven't really done
their homework. Perhaps because nobody takes seriously enough the
nightmare represented by "Bushianity" and the worship of "growth". Wanna study some Hebrew and some Greek and help people understand
some of the 'alternative' meanings that have been present in the
scripture all along? Without a vision, the people perish.
Help us, Bradley-Wan. You may be a part of our only hope. ;-)



"Adopt ye, one another, even as I have adopted you..."

You are a sick liberal!

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