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Barry Bonds, please stop at 754


At this point it seems only people in San Francisco want to see Barry Bonds break Aaron's all time home-run record of 755. He has 753 right now. In San Francisco, the crowds get on their feet every time he gets on deck, and that was even before he got on the cusp of the record. Outside SF, fans boo him, and it's commonly believed that should he tie or break the record in Los Angeles or many other cities, he will get booed for doing it. In SF there is a willing suspension of disbelief. We know about the steroids and got over it, and now just want to see what sort of performance enhanced man can deliver.

Bonds is presumably off the steroids now, and his drop in performance shows it. Since he knows he can't dare be caught with them, he probably will never take them again, and thus not be caught. There will only be the allegations of others.

My view is that the San Francisco Reality Distortion Field will fade, and nobody will speak of Bonds' upcoming record with anything but cynicism. Record books will all put an asterisk next to it, and not like the one they sometimes put on Roger Maris' record.

But Bonds still has a chance to show some class. People say he has none, so this is unlikely, but still possible. He should stop hitting home runs, one shy of the record. Or, if he really insists, after tying it. Nobody would doubt that he could have hit another 1 or 2 and broken the record, if not more. He might indeed play another season and break it by a wider margin, though he won't have any more 70 HR seasons. The die hards will bitterly come to accept he was a user.

But this final act would get a very different reading in the history books, one of going out with some class.

Of course, there is the issue that the team might be screamingly upset. Normally, they would sue him for not fulfilling his very expensive contract. And he would have to retire this year, forgoing several million dollars, so this is not without cost. But fume as they might, I can't imagine the team actually trying to sue him for a classy act. The PR cost would be far too high.

Update: Well, I guess he didn't stop at 754, though he is holding off to get 756 at AT&T Park for the home fans. San Diego fans were nicer than I expected for the actual HR, though they booed most other times.


Personally, I was hoping that when he hit, say, 750, by pure coincidence every single pitcher he faced would intentionally walk him from then on. Basically, until he got the message and retired, he'd see no pitches within 10 feet of the strike zone.

Because this could cost the pitcher's team a game from time to time. It's actually not as certain if it would really cost the Giants' games if Bonds stopped swinging for the fences. If the allegations of steroids are true, then Bonds was a great hitter whom drugs turned into the greatest.

Right now the Giants are losing games and the team is getting frustrated that all the attention is on the HR record. One player said, "I'm not sure what the goal is anymore. To win games?"

If there is to be any positive legacy here, it is Bonds that must show the class. Otherwise, he's right in that nothing has been proven, and the league is not in a position to sanction.

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