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Will we meet the Lords of Kobol

The colonies believe in gods known as the Lords of Lords of Kobol. Baltar says they don't exist as preaches about the monotheistic Cylon God. Back on Caprica, monotheism was illegal, but Zoe Graystone who became the first Cylon, was a secret monotheist.

But are the Lords of Kobol myth or real? They're not actual gods, of course, but they do seem to have a real presence. There is a real arrow of Apollo. There was a real Tomb of Athena with a 3-D representation of Earth. The exodus from Kobol is described as involving a battle among the Gods. The Final Five worshiped a "god whose name must not be spoken" and there was talk of a "jealous god who wanted to be raised above the others." The Final Five and their temple are real, and the Cylon god is real (but not divine in the traditional sense) but what about the Lords?

The Oracles are real. They make real prophecies that come true, they are tied to something. Dedona Selloi is an interesting Oracle because she gives #3 a message from the Cylon god about Hera. She seems to be able to speak with the Cylon god, and knows the difference between that and communing with the Lords of Kobol.

Could the Lords of Kobol simply be a mythologized representation of the Final Five and the Cylon god? Possibly. But there are certainly more than 5 of them. Or might they have been contemporaries or rivals of the Final Five? I suspect they might also have been from Earth, and that the exodus from Kobol was a result of a battle between these forces.

But if so, where are they now? Are they dead or defeated? Are they back on Earth, not playing a role? Or might we see them again? Since the forces behind things are very powerful, it is necessary that they have equally powerful antagonists if the story is to be interesting. This might suggest we see them.

Some characters have also been tied to the Lords. Adama is called Zeus several times. Starbuck is connected to Aurora, goddess of the dawn. Lee is "Apollo" and Sharon is "Athena." Or will the Lords simply never be addressed. If not, who will provide the counterpoint to the powerful beings who took Starbuck to Earth and have been manipulating so much of this -- presumably the white-robed aware copies of the Final Five.


I don't know the answer to your question, but I do recall Tyrol's line (during Cally's funeral) about how the Lords of Kobol were as numerous as men. Kinda stuck out at me.

I remember that bit about the Lord's of Kobol being as numerous as men, now you mention it. Maybe it will be one of those things that's developed but the way Ron handles things I'm not sure. It might just be another one of those plot dangly bits he's developed a habit for. It could just be in there to sound dramatic but means nothing.

Speaking of Kobol, if "God has abandoned Kobol" and "if you die there you're dead forever", how come that priestess who got shot on Kobol made an appearance in The Hub episode? Someone's telling porkies or Ron has thrown the backstory out of the window. Again, it might just be one of those things but it's irritating.

The more this goes on the foggier it gets. I'm beginning to feel like I know less about things now than when I did at the start.

I wondered that during Roslin's hallucinations during the basestar jumps if the priestess she spoke to was (1) a part of Roslin's psyche brought out by her chamalla use, or (2) the hybrid, trying to speak to her via the chamalla connection.

No we will not see the *12 Gods* of Colonies Religion.

I believe that All 12 of them were killed.

The Jealous God who is a brother of the other 12, or the 13th God,

or *One True God* of Colonies Cylons Religion, destroyed them all.

I have a pretty solid theory about theme and I will put it here, soon.

"They’re not actual gods, of course," Ummmm what makes you say so?

Usually when a "one true god" is revealed, even if it doesn't like to be called that, it suggests the others that it says are not gods are not gods. But it could be so, however, nothing more was ever learned about them.

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