Burning Man preparation rush


It's amazing how much preparation is required for Burning Man. Or at least if you are crazy like me and plan to spend 11 days there, have 4 art projects, manage a new camp and still survive.

Unlike most trips you have to pack for, there is a paranoia about Burning Man packing that makes us overdo it. There are no stores, so if anything breaks or is missing, and you need it, you're going to do without. If it's so important that you must have it, it's probably 5 hours of travel (if you can even move your vehicle) to Reno and back. Only basics are available in Gerlach. Sometimes you can find on-playa nice people who can help but there is no system for that, so you can't depend on it. So you start taking a lot of stuff just in case. And as the deadline approaches you toss in stuff you don't really need, just in case. Stuff you already packed and forgot.

Then after you inventory you realize you need to buy some things. Shopping for obscure things in the real world is very time consuming, but at this point online shopping isn't available. If you can't get it, you're stuck, though since we started having internet, it's been possible to get friends who are coming up later to help you. One year we helped a friend who find by Reno that she had left her tickets in San Francisco. With a rush of people helping, we got them to her in 5 hours.

Every year at this time we ask "is it worth it?" but by the end, we're ready to do it all over again, and are making new plans.

This year I will be driving an art car. The car was built by two friends I met at Burning Man. Unfortunately, one of them lost a battle with cancer, and his wife is not ready to return, so I inherited the car. It's pretty amazing, and gets comments everywhere it goes.

I will be at 3:45 and Esplanade, with the photo wall, American Dream Automated ATM Machine, Phone Booth and Art Car. Drop by if you're there.


Every year at this time we ask “is it worth it?”

Yup. Up 'till past 11 packing the trailer with WAY yoo much stuff, asking myself that question. A large part of the Tuna contingent is off this afternoon.

Yahoo! See you on playa! Be sure to drop by Tuna - tho' I'll come lookin' for y'all.


Great to hear it. Always the best damn tuna you'll ever have. Come on by, with or without fish!

Burning Man is going to be amazing this year, wish I could have gone. If anyone else is wondering what Burning Man is like, check out these videos… http://www.redux.com/playlist/burning_man_101

If you haven't loaded up all your food and personal care items from your home starting location, I recommend you check out the Great Basin Community Food Co-op as you pass through Reno. Most notably, you'll be supporting a community-owned business that provides local produce, organic products and all-around healthy connections to the Northern Nevada community.

We do BULK SPECIAL ORDERS if you're planning ahead - you can place them online. www.greatbasinfood.coop

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