Is Versed being used for torture?


Here's my most disturbing idea yet. There are drugs which erase memory (or rather block the formation of memories while they are used.) It seems disturbingly probable to me that these might be being used for torture. Espcially considering the light of new memos giving the US the green light for torture.

If you don't know of this class of drugs, you may have heard of "Roofies" the "date rape" drug which have been used to both make a victim pliable and also to make her forget the rape. There are stronger drugs, such as Versed, which are used in surgery.

The surgical use is quite disturbing. They want to perform a procedure on you while you will be somewhat conscious, but it is painful and upsetting and will leave mental scars -- so they put you through the pain but block you from remembering it.

However, it must be obvious to those wishing to do torture that this could be applied here too. Apply the drug, then apply torture which leaves few permanent marks. The victim would awaken unaware they had been tortured or what they had confessed to. They could not testify later about their torture, they would not even know to.

It's hard not to think that this would be a more "humane" form of torture, in the same way the surgical use of the drugs is humane. After all, you just want the information, why leave the victim with psychic scars, as there always are from torture. This is frightening because it might make the public much more accepting of torture. And on top of that, how will we ever find out if torture is going on? Only from the torturers themselves.

This is just the start of a trend. Tools like "brain fingerprinting" already exist which cause no pain but examine your brain to find out if you remember something you are being shown, or if it's the first time you are seeing it. People have already suggested this is so benign as to be suitable for airport screening!

I predict we'll see newer and "better" torture and interrogation techniques in the near future. Better brain scans. Polygraphs that actually work. More powerful drugs that affect not just memory but compliance. Perhaps eventually nanomachines that reach in and target brain centers to create compliance.

Some of these may already exist -- though I think not too many or our intelligence communities would be doing a better job on terrorism than they are.

But they will exist. How will we as a society cope with them? We already seem willing to forget about the prohibitions on torture in the constitution and international law. We'll pretend the prohibitions don't even exist for these new forms.

The only way to avoid them will be to work soon for strong laws and eventually an explicit constitutional amendment protecting the right of privacy in our thoughts. And that will be a long time coming.

Update: More stories of Versed and other memory drugs in my new memory tag.


It doesn’t sound like you actually read all the entries from people unhappy about their Versed experience. It’s not so much about experiencing pain as not being given adequate pain relief when it is readily available because the medical staff has given Versed thinking you won’t remember being in pain so, to their way of thinking, it is OK to leave the patient in pain. BUT many many many do feel and remember every excruciating moment and that is not acceptable. Since when did amnesia become the standard of patient care? It is also about being lied to, tricked, and deceived into being given this drug. And yes, this seems to be a very widespread practice. Since when did that become considered patient care?
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Let's not give this some thought. For someone who has never been given versed, and went through what I personally went through during the use of versed, you have no right to tell someone that we use this drug as an escape to blame are pain upon. It is always so easy for someone to be for something they have never experienced for themselves.

I was victimized by Versed. I did not feel any pain from my procedure, nor should I have. I elected to remain awake and alert and declined the general anesthesia. The medical professionals bypassed my wishes by injecting me with Versed. Versed IS a patient control drug. Look at the protocol and it will state that part of the objective is a "cooperative" patient. Amnesia is also desired. Too bad for the jerks that Versed didn't cause amnesia, because I could refute their spurious reasons for giving me a GA in defiance of my wishes. They LIED!!! The reason they gave me Versed was for compliance and spoliation. Medical people deserve to be defamed for acting like little demi gods and assaulting patients with this nasty drug. Sneaky, lying, arrogant, sanctimonious, condescending, delusional control freaks that they are!

Different doctors, different facilities in Texas, 10 years apart (Jan '94 and yesterday Dec. 3, 2007). One or more tiny polyps removed each time.

versed is interesting. It's like a short-circuit in the transfer process from your short-term memory cache to your long-term memory storage. At the onset each time for me, the short-circuit was quite discrete - like the throwing of a light switch. I'd stop remembering almost exactly 30 sec after application of the drug. The recovery is much less discrete as the drug wears off. There are fragments of memory that seep from the short-term memory cache to the long-term memory in the recovery room as the drug wears off. Finally, you are once again aware of a complete time continuum. I'm not surprised that the recovery time varies greatly between individuals. That is to be expected.

I do suspect that one of the primary benefits accruing to the medical profession is that application of the drug makes it much less likely to sue when malpractice occurs - especially for non-quantitative "injuries" (i.e. psychological). As far as I know, I wasn't in pain in either procedure, but I might have been. If I had remembered being in severe pain then I would be much less likely to return for another colonoscopy. The prep is bad enough, although even that has improved in 10 years (e.g. from a gallon of laxative to 2 pills and 1/2 a gallon).

I asked for a recording of the scope in both cases. The doctor 10 years ago wasn't thrilled with my request, but said he do it for an extra $100. I didn't have it done. I questioned the latest doctor about a recording. He said - frankly - it's not common for doctors to do them anymore primarily because of lawsuits. I can't say I really blame the medical profession. It is frustrating. My present doctor did volunteer to take pictures if I wanted him to. I did. He did. I haven't read about the versed horror stories (except those above), but I had no obvious long-term side-effect the first time and don't appear to have any from my colonoscopy yesterday.

It seems to me that much of the horror stories above would have occurred in any case, versed or not. A drug is no cure for poor medical care. Before each colonoscopy, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor weeks or a month in advance of the procedure to get to know him a little and to discuss my expectations. If the doctor seems impatient or a d**k, then don't schedule with him.

In both cases, the nursing staff seemed competent and sympathetic.

Yesterday, I recall shortly after the application of versed that the nurse asked if I was getting sleepy. I said I was not. I began to recite statistics about the earth and solar system. At some point I stopped remembering, but my wife was told by a nurse that they had to gradually up my dosage from 5 mg to 9 mg after the point I stopped remembering to reach the level of sedation I had requested. My doctor had asked in the prep room whether I wanted to watch the procedure on the monitor and interact with him. I actually requested to be more heavily sedated and he acceded - perhaps happily - with that request. But he seemed like a good guy, not pretentious. And I'm pretty certain he would have used less versed had I requested.

Getting a colonscopy sucks - the prep, the indignity, the possible pain, the cost, ...etc. I only had the first one at 41 because I came down with a case of diverticulitis. I should have gone back after 5 years. I wanted to schedule one before my 50th birthday. That was over a year ago. It took me over a year to work up the will power to schedule this one. I waited 10 years. It's not pleasant. But I imagine that if you don't get a colonscopy and then end up years later with a diagnosis of colon cancer and major surgery (or surgeries), radiation, chemo, ...etc, that those are all a heck of a lot less pleasant. To those of you here who appear to want to cut off your nose to spite your face, shopping around is a lot easier. Ask your friends or family for a recommendation of a doctor who has performed a colonoscopy on them. Take your time.

I kind of get an impression that those complaining here are mostly female. Could it be that the use of a "date-rape" type of drug, especially if not informed beforehand has more of a psychological impact to females when they find out about it after the fact? Hmmm... A male under that drug can be raped just as easily as a female.

**I kind of get an impression that those complaining here are mostly female. Could it be that the use of a "date-rape" type of drug, especially if not informed beforehand has more of a psychological impact to females when they find out about it after the fact? Hmmm... A male under that drug can be raped just as easily as a female.**

I see your rational, HOWEVER, there are tons of threads where people actually remember what happened, while on versed, even though you are not supposed to. If I had to consent to being raped (like your example), it would be easier if I KNEW there would be NO chance of remembering it, but it would scare the heck out of me if I knew there were many threads about people who did remember it, knowing I could be one of those. And what would really make me mad is if I found out I had the choice to be completely knocked out, or just woozy w/ amnesia, and nobody told me I had the choice.

It's not the 'finding out about it after-the-fact that is gruesome, it's being one of those that doesn't actually get the pleasure of not remembering. You don't go into a colonoscopy thinking it is just a back massage, let's face it; you know you are going to get a long scope up the butt, no drug will change that, so it's not the psychology of FINDING OUT what happened afterwards. You don't think it is going to tickle or be pleasurable during the procedure, it's obvious it will hurt, it's common sense, so there is no surprise either. The key here is, you are consciously aware of the pain at some point and time, when you don't have to be. With Versed, you can be in agony and verbally say that and even try to fight. You have to look at it like any other surgery....would you go in and have a face lift or a tummy tuck with Versed? Why or why not? Why isn't Versed the ONLY drug used for pain? The answer is this: because NOBODY would consent to that level of pain, EVEN if they KNEW they wouldn't remember it in the end. It's hard for those that have never watched the procedure or don't remember there own, to know how much pain a person can be in. You may be thinking, well...cutting away a section of your stomach (as in abdominoplasty) or hacking up your face w/ a knife (face lift) doesn't compare to the pain of a colonoscopy, and I tell you this....Ask some of the people who are unfortunate enough to remember the whole procedure what the pain was like! And I will just throw this out there, also...Even if there were no drugs in the world, and everyone had to get colonoscopies w/o drugs, there would be those that tolerated it much better than others. Pain is specific to the individual.

I read up on Versed before a colonoscopy and could not understand why I would need a drug that does not kill pain. When in the room I told the nurse I didn't want the sedation. When the doctor was informed he said he would start without the drugs and if I wanted them as the scope went in deeper I could have them. A don’t think any doctor will stop a colonoscopy when everything is set and he is ready to go.

I finished the colonoscopy without drugs. It was no big deal. My doctor was trained in Europe. He told me he had a colonoscopy without the drug. When I heard that I said to myself if he can do it I can do it.

I found that the pain can be greatly reduced if you are aware of your surroundings because you can react to the discomfort by moving around a little. If fact I would say for me it was more discomfort than pain.

The air they need to pump in to open your intestines can be removed by simple stomach pumping. The air was all gone before I left the procedure room.

One advantage you have with no drugs is that you can stop the procedure at anytime and the doctor must comply. A verbal withdrawal of consent over rules a signed consent form.

Again it’s no big deal. I have a very low tolerance for pain.

The doctor has no choice if the patient requests the proceedure to stop then the doctor has to stop. if he doesnt he will be in front of the medical council and also in court for battery. They are not god. it is your body and you decide what is done, not them.

I had a colonoscopy with Versed and Fentenyl. Fentenyl is a strong pain killer like Morphine so I have no issues with pain. I had complete amnesia of the procedure except for one brief moment that I recall saying "ou - - ch. Apparently the Fentenyl did not completely alleviate the pain. I am no stranger to pain so the pain issue is not what I'm upset about. What I'm upset about is that Versed left me with a strange and creepy feeling afterwards that I just couldn't shake. It kept me awake thinking about it and caused me to become anxious and obsessed.

There seem to be several medical people who have contributed to this site who have never had Versed administered to them. I would suggest to them that they subject themselves to experiencing it first before they put their two cents worth in.

Since Versed has only been around since the 80s, my question is what the heck did they use before then. I had surgery when I was 13, in 1974 and didn't get Versed beforehand. I remember being wheeled into the OR and the anesthesiologist putting a mask on my face and telling me to count backwards from 100 by 3s. I got to 97 and was out. What was wrong with that method? I had no anxiety when I was 13 and I had no anxiety before I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago either. Yet, 2 years ago the anesthesiologist gave me Versed before I even got to the OR and I have no recollection of entering the OR.

I asked a friend of mine who is an OR nurse at the hosp. where I had my surgery how people get from the gurney to the OR table and she said that they move themselves over. Apparently their eyes are opened and they can move and talk and follow directions. The OR staff aren't even aware if a person has had Versed or not. She said they're just kind of out of it when they're wheeled in. I found this all to be very disturbing. She could not understand why. She had Versed herself for invetro fertilization and said that she loved it.

When a woman is pregnant she can't have Versed because it can harm the fetus. So no one says "Oh, we better give her something to relax her or to relieve her anxiety" No one tries to prohibit her from having any memory of pain, etc. When I gave birth, I had an epidural and I remember everything. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing. Even women having a C-section get keep their memories. So why are doctors so concerned with people entering the OR having "something to relax them" now.

I don't think Versed is necessary before going into the OR. I wish someone could explain to me why is so routinely used now. Not having my memories has caused me more anxiety than I ever could have experienced prior to going into an operating room before getting general anesthesia. If I'm going to have general anesthesia, why should I be given Versed first?

I didn't meet my anesthesiologist until about 10 minutes before he gave me the Versed. He didn't ask me if I wanted something to relax me. He didn't ask me if I was nervous, which I wasn't. I was glad that I was going to have the surgery. He just gave it to me as routine protocol.

And if anyone says that the OR is not a place that you want to remember, how do they know what I want to remember if they don't ask me? When a woman is in labor and delivery she is totally exposed and has everyone and their brother examining her most private parts. And nobody thinks that this might be traumatizing to her and think that she would be better off not having any memories of it.

I just don't understand why Versed is used at all unless someone really wants it and is thoroughly informed about its amnesia effect.

I had my wisdom teeth out last week using the common IV drugs Versed and Fentanyl and I was scared to death after reading this site. I asked what I was going to be given and researched it thoroughly (unlike many people posting on here). These drugs are very safe when used in a supervised evironment by a qualified doctor (more safe than the local anesthesia!). I was so scared of the procedure but what a pleasure that within 30 seconds of entering the room I had the IV in the my arm and 2 seconds later I was out. No time to be nervous, no need to experience the torture of having my teeth removed, then I gently awoke in the recovery area. I had no nausea and no grogginess. How amazing is that?! As far as I concerned this is the best drug ever! As for losing a bit of memory, I don't recall the procedure or walking to the recovery area, but I started remembering again very shortly after that and I don't think I missed much ;) Versed makes you groggy so you're not going to have a long conversation with someone on it, just do some basic things like "open your mouth". My mom had a colonscopy with Versed and even my grandma did and they both enjoyed how easy it made this uncomfortable procedure.

My friend is an anesthesiologist and she had this to say: So, versed (aka midazolam) is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazpines, including versed, are often used in a variety of hospital settings for the following reasons: to break seizures, to help with alcohol withdrawal (prevent delirium tremens which are fatal in 50% of cases), to reduce anxiety. Those are the three main indications. A side "benefit" is that versed also prevents the acquisition of new memories during its duration of action, ie, it causes anterograde amnesia. However, this is not the main reason it is used in anesthesia - the main reason to use it is to reduce anxiety. For most people, even if they consider themselves really laid-back and mellow, surgical procedures, even minor, cause anxiety. They cause your heart rate to go up, blood pressure to go up, and cause you to breathe faster. Some of this can be treated with narcotics, ie fentanyl. However, the risk with all narcotics is respiratory depression, ie, you stop breathing if we give you too much. Then, we have to put a thick plastic mask over your nose and mouth and use positive pressure ventilation (forcibly blowing oxygen into the airway at relatively high pressures) to keep you breathing, while grasping the mask and your jaw with our hands and thrusting your jaw upwards by gripping the edge of your jawbone. So, the benefits of using versed are two-fold in the scenario just described above: 1) Taking anxiety away, means we can get away with using less narcotics to keep you comfortable, at least from a vital signs perspective. Not only will this keep you breathing on your own, or get you breathing on your own faster after general anesthesia (going to sleep), but you will also have less nausea/vomiting/gastrointestinal distress from the opiate (fentanyl); 2) If something goes awry, ie, too much narcotic ends up being given, and you have to be ventilated, do you really want to remember that? For most people, that would be pretty scary, and then cause more anxiety, cause heart rate, blood pressure to shoot up, and then the doctor just ends up chasing his/her tail to keep you vital signs in check.

The side benefit of anterograde amnesia with relation to surgery is fairly wide in scope. Even the process of going into the OR is pretty overwhelming for most people because it represents such a loss of control. For non-oral surgery, you are unclothed except for a gown, in front of lots of strangers, you are moved onto a very narrow bed in the middle of a very cold room, and then all these hands are coming at you from all directions, and monitors are starting to beep - people are putting on blood pressure cuffs, oxygen sensors on your finger, EKG leads on your chest, oxygen mask or nasal cannula for you to breathe, and they might be starting to talk about things related to the case - "I need a Bookwalter retractor, a 15-blade scalpel, PDS suture..." etc. Personally, I think it's better for the patient to have as little memory of this as possible. Otherwise, you may have dreams/nightmares about it post-operatively, you may have a panic attack during the procedure, etc.

So, the question about why can't we just do this with fentanyl and opioids - the answer is for most of the reasons listed above. You actually might be able to find some people who might consider just doing it that way, but it would be pretty rare in my experience. The benefits of versed - reducing anxiety, which would then reduce the amount of fentanyl needed, relaxing the patient, making it easier for them to tolerate some of the "intrusiveness" that is an unavoidable part of surgery, and hopefully preventing the patient from remembering some of the "scarier" parts of the surgery or preparation for surgery, are all reasons why we use it.

By the way, versed does NOT cause you to be paralyzed. The comments about that on that messageboard really pissed me off, because there is no f&%$#ing way that can happen with versed. You will be able to speak with versed, move your hands and legs, etc. The best description I've heard of it, is that it's like taking a couple of long-island iced teas - you feel kind of happy and loopy, but you don't remember a whole lot afterwards. It's very similar to going on a alcohol binge during a night of partying.

'The best description I've heard...' Therein lies the problem -- you personally have not had this drug foisted upon you so how do you know for certain how it affects others? Are you saying all those who wrote of the same/similar experience here and on other blogs are liars?

This is completely untrue in my experience. Versed did NOT make me feel like I was on a happy drunken binge. I was completely awake and aware, but was unable to speak clearly or move under my own volition. It was like they shut off the parts of my brain that controlled my body and my willpower. This sensation caused me enormous distress. If they give you enough Versed you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE, BREATHE, AND IT CAN STOP EVEN YOUR HEART! Why do you think that only people "trained in airway management" can administer this drug? If you are unfortunate enough to be cognizent of your surroundings during this, it CAUSES anxiety, not alleviates it. It may be different if you are extremely anxious to begin with, which I was not. I have had many MAJOR surgeries prior to the advent and injudicious application of Versed and they were not traumatic, sorry. All those things about hands reaching for you and monitors beeping resulting in panic or terror are a construct of the medical profession who prefer an amnestic and completely compliant unquestioning patient. Of course I had vastly superior medical teams before, who actually took the time to explain things before hand instead of simply sneaking an amnestic (hopefully) drug into the IV. I completely trusted my team and am accustomed to my personal experience with surgery being listened to. I was slipped this drug against my expressed desires in an incredibly disrespectful and stealthy way. There's no way to "research" this attitude in medical staff... I am surprised that you would be "pissed off" at people who've had a severe reaction to this drug. I am certain that dentists' don't give Versed in the same high dosages as surgical suites do. Maybe that's the difference between your experience and mine. By the way, after my encounter with Versed I changed to a dentist who doesn't even have it in his office! I will not be given this drug again, under any circumstances.

You are wrong; I just got midazolam .05mg/kg (4mg) for a routine colonoscopy; I was imobile, unable to speak or move and unfortunately the gastro looped the scope and perforated my colon. I could have warned her, but Versed prevented this. What a lousy drug, and I am a physician. It's certianly no Long Island Iced-tea. I haven't met an anesthesia provider who uses this drug on a routine basis; we are a 450 bed university hospital.

I had Versed for a stent placement in my heart. I was very nervous about the procedure. As intreveneous Versed was administered I felt extremely relaxed, I felt a euphoric high (similar to pain killers) and I drifted in and out of sleep/consciousness easily woken up when the surgeon spoke to me. I do remember quite a bit of the experience. Over all the Versed made the experience of haveing a wire shoved up my leg and into my chest and heart much, much more bearable.

Versed is basically just liquid Valium. I highly recommend Versed, especially if you have a lot of anxiety about your procedure. I was really scared to have this procedure while being awake but I specifically remeber thinking how great the Versed felt during the procedure.

Versed is NOT liquid Valium! It may be in the same family, but it's very different. Similar to poppy seed bagels being in the same family as Heroin! Same family, very different.

I've had 3 colonoscopies in the last 7 years, each with fentanyl and versed. They work perfectly for me, and I actually requested them this time because they work so well for me. Much safer than general anesthesia, and i could doze or wake up to talk, and they would show me the polyps they were removing, by showing me the video monitor. I got dressed (although I don't remember that real well, like a dream), have been super relaxed, and went out to lunch with a friend. Now I'm resting at home, and am so glad for pain-killers and benzodiazepines! Clearly some people have a negative experience with versed, but mine was great.

The comments about midazolam (versed) and it's use in endoscopy, especially colonoscopy are amusing and inaccurate in my opinion. I always thought that it's amnesic properties were a benefit to patients; I no longer believe that. I have had to counsel WAY too many patients following routine exams who are tormented by their amnesia of the event. Midazolam does indeed render most patients imobile and amnesic of a painful procedure; at least temporarily...then their momories slowly creep back in.....and this often leads to a ptsd-type syndrome. Many have suggested that patients who are amnesic are treated roughly; this is unfortunately often true. Try to explain to a family waiting for a patient having a colonoscopy why she was screaming in pain during the procedure.........they may or may not buy the "she won't remember a thing" line. Colonoscopy, in my opinion, is done quite well without sedation, especially in males (straighter colons), or with a small amount of painkiller (fentanyl).....sedation with versed is common because an imobile, amnesic patient is easier to scope.......I don't use midazolam at all anymore........if someone wants to sleep thru the procedure, we use propofol and they are completely out (costs more, but worth it IMHO)..if a patient is in pain (ie screaming), you either stop hurting them or carefully give them narcotics, you don't rely on temporary amnesia from midazolam.........After preaching the benefits of colonoscopy for years, I had one on 12/07, done by an associate who I trust; I eat lunch with her every day. And I had midazolam and it was a bad choice... Even though I do these on a routine basis, I seem to be subconsciously recalling the painful event. I can easily see why this is upsetting and potentially devastating to patients. Nexy year, at my next colonoscopy (lucky me) it's no drugs or fentanyl only. If it's too painful, we can abort the exam and schedule anesthesia.

I know this is a little off topic,but I needed to get it out.....(thanks for taking the time to listen if you decided to.)
At 8 years old,I was taken to an oral surgeon to have some teeth pulled due to overcrowding. This was in the late 60's.I was taken in to the room,sat in the chair,and then the dr. came in to see me.I was never told anything about what was going to happen,what they were going to do,nothing.I knew I had to have two teeth pulled (Orthodontist had requested it) and that was it. All I was told was that I had a choice.A shot or some gas (General Anesthesia.) I hated needles (as most children would I suspect),so I told him no needles.Then he grabbed the mask,I heard the hissing sound of the ether or whatever they were using as he put it over my face and told me to breath.Within 2-3 seconds,I could feel what was starting to happen and I freaked.I tried to push the mask away,started screaming and thrashing about,and instead of stopping to see what was up for a second,he restrained me with some help from his assistant.He held the mask in place until I passed out from sucking in the gas.Upon coming out of it,I was in a small room off to the side.The only thing I remember (and I remember it vividly) is that I got violent.So bad that I broke the clot and they had to repack my mouth. Some time later,I was taken back to this same have two more teeth out.They thought first time was just a fluke. Same thing happened,only this time I was more violent.Blindly swinging, throwing whatever I could get my hands on,etc. I was 9. It was requested that I not be brought back anymore. From that point on,I fought vigorously as far as going to any dentist at all. I had tubes put in my ears at age 12,they put me out in the same manner.They had also pre-sedated me but it failed miserably. The Dr. and hospital staff were warned beforehand of what had occurred before,and I was restrained in the bed so that when I came out of the GA I could be more easily dealt with. To this day,I cannot take or tolerate any form of GA,conscious sedation, or such.I even have to do certain things so I can sleep. If I even consciously notice I am falling asleep,I will not be able to. I will toss and turn until I naturally fall asleep without noticing it. I have very bad dental problems now because of the episodes I went through and the abuse I suffered as a patient and as a child (at various times via my father and my misbehaving.We are now greatest of friends.)To have teeth extracted (they are all shot),I usually have to take something to calm my nerves before I go to the dentist. I take along my mp3 player to listen to while the he/she gives me a local anesthesia and a small amount of nitrous to help me stay calm and pain free. It is a shame that one Dr. and two visits to him (as well as my overhearing, at age 5, when my uncle died that "he went to sleep and never woke up.") caused me the ruination of my teeth by not dealing with things as I should have. I am lucky I have not had to have any surgery for anything as well. I am near 50 now and still have those terrible memories. Sorry to be long winded and a little off topic, but the underlying thing I have seen here is one of patients not being informed,not being listened to,not being offered options (Dr. has his way he likes,why allow change?),and Drs. retaining the "Control mentality".I am not trying to generalize,but the bad apples know who they are.This is for them.Be Well and be in control.Remember,Patients DO have rights. That is why we have lawyers.

I had a good experience with versed + fentanyl both times I've had it, but it's obvious that it is really, really bad for some people and that should be looked into. Why are the experiences so different? Is it a drug interaction with something else they're taking? Even if they didn't take any of their normal prescriptions the day of the procedure, some drugs stay in your system a long time. Is it because they can't metabolize it properly? (Liver or kidney probs?) Is it because they weren't given enough? Here's a thought: is the drug they're being given genuine? We hear of non-standard and counterfeit drugs often. Could this be the problem here? Is it age-related?

This definitely needs looking into.

I had eyelid surgery 3 days ago. I have a chronic pain pre existing serious pain condition from several spinal surgeries over the years.I have been treated by pain specialists over time.During eye surgery I was given versed NO Pain meds! eventhough I kept insisting beforehand I needed a pain drip in advance.I was ignored. I was simply given Versed in high amounts.I remember the cutting, the burning and the smoke smell, I remember almost everything except when I passed out from the sheer exhaustion of pain, along the way, the bright- glowing orange light. I remember the Asian anesthetist angrily yelling at me after the surgery screaming "I give you 25 miligram of medication it could kill you!.(It may have been a higher amount?) Usual dose is 5 miligrams.Here look at paper! look at amount! Why you want so much medication!" I couldn't look. I am having flashbacks and am tearfully upset. I remember the knife going in my eye.(probably stitches) I remember the pain in my spine overwhelming me. I remember begging for pain meds, the Dr. saying "We're almost finished. The flashbacks are horribly painful! By the way, this is the second time this happened. The first was 3 mos ago when I had cataract surgery. I begged for it not to happen again, I was just not aware of the meds they gave me till now. Does anyone know the usual amount of versed used in surgery?

When I reached the age when a base line colonoscopy is recommended, I did some on-line research because of a few negative colonoscopy experiences I heard about from acquaintances. I am the type of person who wants to know what is going on at all times and wants the right to say "stop" at any time. Most of the clinics around here use Versed and Demerol. I called and spoke to one nurse at a clinic, asking detailed questions about what the procedure was like. She talked about it in vague terms, saying a patient might have slight discomfort during the procedure. I asked if a friend or relative could be in the room when the procedure was done to ensure that any expression of pain or request to stop the procedure was honored by the staff. She said absolutely not but would not say why. When I pressed for an explanation, she said it was due to the necessity for a "sterile field". I asked if the friend could stand just outside the door and again she said no way.

She told me that Versed is used because it "helps" the Demerol to work. I asked if that meant the Demerol would have no effect if used alone. She became irritated with me and said she had another phone call to answer so the conversation was over.

My research turned up the possibility of having a "Virtual colonoscopy", an almost totally non-invasive procedure where you get into a gown, walk into a room where a large Cat Scan machine (sorry if my terms are not exactly medically correct) and lie face down on the table of the machine. Prior to the appointment, I asked that only a female be the person touching me. A female assistant came in and inserted a slender tube about 4" or 5" long, into my rectum and covered me with a drape. It did not hurt at all.

Since the touching part was done, the male tech who was doing the test entered the room and did the rest of the procedure. He was very good, answering any question I asked. Then the tube delivers either air or some gas which inflates the patient's large intestine. He told me to let him know when I felt like I was so full of air (or gas) that I couldn't handle any more. I said "when", the inflation stopped, and my trip through the machine began. I was asked to lay very still as the moving table carried me forward and then back through the scanning part of the machine. It took maybe 3 or 4 minutes. No pain. No embarrassment.

The prep for it is the same as with a regular colonoscopy, lots of clear liquids and trips to the bathroom. Fortunately, my scan showed no problems. My insurance company, Regence/Blue Shield of Washington, gave me some hassles about paying for it, giving me the run-around because the imaging place doing the exam didn't have a specific correct "code" for them in the billing paperwork. At one point, they refused to pay but eventually did cover the approximately $1,500 (plus or minus) bill. I am so happy this was an option. Of course, if polyps were seen during the scan, the patient would then have to go through a regular colonoscopy to have them removed. If that had happened, I would have found someone who agreed to use Proponol (sp?) as a sedative instead of the Versed/Demerol. I was told by a nurse who formerly worked in a colonoscopy/endoscopy clinic that regular colonoscopy clinics don't use Proponol because it requires an anesthesiologist to administer it and that would be an extra unwantedcost to the clinic doctors.

My advice is to visit an office where the procedure is done, try to talk to people who have worked in a similar office, and do your research. People in the medical field are like people in any other field. Some are very ethical, kind, patient, and will work with you as much as they can. Others are jerks and have done so many procedures on patients with whom they spend a tiny amount of time (certainly not enough to feel as if they know them as a person)that the patient is an object to them, necessary to make a living. But that object might sue or at the very least, cause them to take more time and energy than they believe is owed to the E.R. visitor or the clinic procedure patient.

I am 23 yrs old.I just had a colonoscopy today. Before heading to the procedure i was reading some of these comments. I asked the doctor what kind of medication they were going to use, and he said versed, I was a little afraid of it so i asked that I not be sedated. However I started feeling pain during the colonoscopy so I asked for some medication. After a few mins I was relax but still feeling the pain,, i was aware..I remember when i was being taken to the room it was 3:05pm,, next thing I know it was 4:01pm in the recovering room.. the report stated.. Versed 3mg, Demerol 100mg.. and multiple biopsies were taken. .. It felt like I was only in for about 10 mins, yet I remember being awake. Very Weird feeling...

Well, let's see what you folks think. Much of what I have been through many suffer. Thus, I am not a special case; or am I????
I am an outspoken activist. I have over the last year suffered much at the hands of the V.A. medical system.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I asked for an all female team for a mastectomy and GYN surgeries. I was told it would be an all female team. Then after I was drugged they started bringing in teams of men, multiple practice pelvic, breast and rectal exams, cath, prep, surgery, post care, mostly men all over me and frequently alone with a male. I would never have known, save a male medical resident introduced himself to my husband as attending just before he rushed off to my surgery. I asked my female surgeon who I was told did the surgery and she denied any males were in the room, no male students, residents, nurses, "no males" she said. Well, then I needed a colonoscopy. Again I requested an all female team. I told the G.I. doc. Look, "no males" or I do not want to do this, I have reason to believe I was lied to before please "no males". She assured me no men. Then, after being given, "something to help me relax", after being striped and preped and in the procedure room, again in came the men this time just before going out. They wanted me to know I was being violated. After, this I requested my medical records.

After many hours of research, questions, investigating, I have been able to figure out that I was subjected to practice exams (pelvic, breast, and rectal) and procedures (cath) by teams of students and doctors including many men prior to surgery, that men were involved in prep, and surgical procedures, and that I was left in the care of nothing but men post op. I did not see a woman until the next morning. After reviewing the records, after suffering unexplained physical trauma in the rectal area and then a break out of some sort I went to get tested for STDS. I tested pos for herpes 2. My husband of 20+ years tested pos. BTW I have never practice anal sex. Now, after this repeated gang medical rape evidently turn sexual assault I have serious PTSD. Normally, I would just think this was just another case of medical rape; it happens all the time. However, I do have some reason to think some of this treatment may have been in retaliation for exercising my rights to free speech. I do live in Nazi U.S.A. and this is Nazi medicine, and I am an activist.

BTW I had a colonoscopy four years ago and did not go under. Much pain, but better than this, PTSD with incomplete memory. From here on out, they can deal with the pain and leave me conscience thank you.

You can find out more here

With all due respect, I think your issues go beyond PTSD. Perhaps you did have hallucinations as a result of being given Versed and a narcotic pain med (its been known to happen) but I find it very hard to believe that you were "medically raped" by gangs of male health care workers on 2 seperate occasions. As for your herpes break out, lesions usually don't appear that quickly. Believe me I mean no disrespect, nor do I mean to mock your pain; I just think there has to be another reason for all these events.

Unfortunately I was also given Versed so that the Medical Center could use me as a teaching tool. I had so many student nurses practice putting a Foley catheter in me for no reason that I got a kidney infection. The hospital denies this, but there it is in the notes "catheter went in easily? Y Even my surgeon was obviously a beginner. Or the janitor was allowed to take a go at it! I had arm surgery, not open heart and these people had no reason to give me Versed. I have PTSD as well from the horror of being turned into a compliant lump. Don't you just LOVE how medical people pretend that this drug is "for our own good?" If it was for our own good and everybody just totally NEEDS this drug, it's a WONDERFUL medication etc. Then why the hell don't they tell us about it before hand? HMMM? Could it be that we would all be refusing this drug?

Versed is used for colonoscopy because they want to do the exam quickly with an amnesic patient, no matter how roughly they treat you. This is the "standard of care" in the USA. In the rest of the world, colonoscopies are done, slowly, carefully without "amnesia" drugs; usually nothing but a careful, caring endoscopist. Not in the usa. Versed is an amnesic, patient contol drug to keep you imobile, and no matter how bad the pain is, you feel it but cant stop them. Sure, sometimes small doses of narcotics are given, with little or no effect. I recently had a colonoscopy, doceuemted a Versed allergy and the endoscopist entered it into the medical record. Then gave it to me anyway. Now, the memory loss, nightmares etc are going to cost him and the hospital dearly, can't get into the detaily, but it's a lifetime immediate settlement. Wrote: I'm not consenting to sedation, allergic to Versed" on the procedure consent...still gave it to me anyway. Just saw the gastro, lives down the street.......asked me why I was walking around his yard and I said "it's soon going to be my yard".......and he has no choice..his malpractice insurance company wants to matter what he wants...allI wanted was a colonoscopy, I even offered to pay cash for a drugless one so if it could not be colpleted, he would have ben paid in full...when did us docs become soooooo greedy?>

Versed and colonoscopy... Just a few days ago I had a colonoscopy. The report says: Midazolam 4+2+1 mg, Petidin 50+50 mg.

What I remember: To scream... To scream a lot and loud, and not being able to move.
I'm not the screaming type of guy. What were they doing? Will they treat me that way if they new I was able to remember afterwards? No way! They do it because they want to do it quickly...

Don't use versed. If you want to use it ask to be with a friend or familly!

I had a colonoscopy four days ago and was given Demerol and Versed and had been told that it would be painless and that I would not remember a thing. Not so! I was aware of every painful detail, of what the Dr and medical staff were talking about, I was watching the numbers on the monitor and I remember begging for more meds but being told that my BP was too low, I'd just have to deal with it. The pain was excruciating and what was even worse, a few hours after I got home - feeling fine, no grogginess, could have driven myself, did not need a nap - I started to get flashbacks of the horrible, painful details. Also have felt a lot of livid rage at the Dr who did the procedure and my own Dr for not telling me of the side effects of Versed. My friends who have already had colonoscopies had said that the prep was the bad part, the procedure was easy but not so with me. Fortunately, my report was good as I NEVER intend to have another and will never take Versed again. My Dr is concerned that I may have PTSD and I am a healthy person, both physically and mentally, take no medications, always sleep well, but now I have flashbacks and nightmares.

The did the exam quickly and got you out the hell with your pain, anxiety, memory loss, nightmares, PTSD.....big secret: the GI doc doesn't care....and he/she would NEVER consent to time write on the consent: I'm not consenting to sedation, painkiller only-make them sign it or hire anesthesia to give's total sedation (killed michael jackson) but even a nurse anesthesia person can give it safely. Call your former gastro, be polite until you actually get him/her on the line and tell them what really happened to you-and remind them it's thier fault-then hang up.

Versed is one of many types of sedatives used for pre-op or endoscopic procedures. In our area, it is not commonly used for this purpose. MD's here prefer to use lorazepam or diazapam. Versed can have a number of disturbing side effects, but so can many other drugs. I have known people who suffered serious side effects from antihistamines, blood pressure meds , antidepressant meds, morphine, Demerol etc..... Many doctors will offer another sedative if you refuse Versed; you must be persistant , you have the right to refuse. Also, sedatives are given to relax the central nervous system, which in turn cause relaxation of the smooth muscles, making endoscopic procedure easier to perform and to tolerate. Could anyone imagine having a colonoscopy without a sedative? Not a pleasant thought. Versed is not an analgesic, it has a sedative effect in low doses, and a hypnotic(sleep) effect in higher doses. Versed has recieved a lot of negative press lately since it was one of the drugs found in Michael Jackson's system (very high doses given I.V.) but given correctly for its intended purpose, it is a very helpful and safe drug.

Very helpful and safe drug for the person on the giving end. If you are on the receiving end, know this, this drug is a nasty evil poison which helps medical personnel only. It isn't for you baby, its for the convenience and entertainment of snotty, uncaring staff. If you knew how these sadists treat you after they think that you have amnesia you would want to knock the crap out of their laughing faces.

Why don't you people define "helpful?" Helpful for what? No seriously, what is helpful about this little poison? Who does it help and help them what? If you want to be relaxed there are other drugs that don't feature PTSD as a side effect. So what else? Do you thing PTSD forever is something that is helpful? Is it worth the mental anguish that this drug causes for the patient? Only if you have Narcissitic Personality Disorder and you think you are a God. The truth is that you are not omniscient, you don't know what the patient wants unless you ask, and you certainly aren't going to ask the stupid ignorant patient anything are you. Admit it, YOU medical people like to use this drug and it doesn't have a damn thing to do with helping the patient. Obviously if you can't be truthful about the effects of this absolutely hideous drug, you will never admit REAL reason you use this drug, which is for YOUR OWN SELFISH REASONS.

I have been tortured with this drug 4 times. Each time was by a PAIN DOCTOR!! Eight days following the third time, I suffered from 2 strokes. Every Neurologist that I had seen for the strokes denied that the procedure caused the strokes, but at the same time, none of them could tell me what did cause the strokes. I was a 46 year old woman when that happened. Even though they "could not find the cause", it was back to that same old mindset of "blame the patient", and "protect our own". Versed is a horrible drug. The doctors that use it deny that anything they do while using it is painful, and they try to make you think you are crazy and dreaming the pain up. I don't understand why when there are so many of us out there that have suffered so much as a result of this drug that it has not been banned by the FDA. I would suggest that anyone who has suffered from the use of this drug, and lack of pain meds during an invasive procedure report this to the FDA. This is a barbaric and horrendous way to treat human beings, to give them an amnesiac drug and torture them. I didn't get the amnesiac effect, and the doctors lied their butts off, denying that the burning of the sensory nerves in my back was painful. This was 2 different PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS that did this to me. I have not been able to receive adequate help for the chronic pain that I deal with 24/7 from my ribcage down. I was lied to, and told that they had to keep me awake while they were doing this because they needed to communicate with me during the procedure. The last time the doctor never uttered a single word to me, not before, not during, and not afterwards. Not even a drop dead or kiss my behind. I now struggle often to keep from committing suicide because I can find no help for the constant pain I am in, and the feelings of violation related to the barbaric treatment I was given.

As far as colonoscopies go, my son was given one, and I could hear the screaming all the way down the hall. I was unable to help him, and was told by one of the nurses that the doctor had not waited for the drugs to take effect. I found that a**hole out side of the hospital and confronted him. He lied through his teeth. I suspect that same "wonder drug" versed was used on my son as well. People need to speak out and help get this drug banned. You don't know when it's liable to be used on you or a loved one again. As has been stated here by others, they will use it against your consent and against your will.

I just had an endoscopy (EGD) done yesterday. I was given Midazolam (Versed) 11 mg IV, Fentanyl (opioid) 225 micrograms IV, Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 50 mg IV. The procedure lasts for 30-45 minutes. I am 28, male, 175 pounds, 6 foot. I am also very lean, which I think... means fentanyl would pass through me quicker than most. The only side effect I experienced was sleepiness for the rest of the day. Absolutely no pain or nausea at all.

Before the EGD, one of the lasts things I remember, was being extremely euphoric and calm. It was a really great feeling, something like a cross between alcohol and oxy (which I have combined recreationally before), but much better. It was a "I have no cares in the world" kind of feeling, it was very very relaxing. Once I woke up, I was waiting to have the procedure done, because I didn't realize it had already happened. The nurse and my friend kept asking me to open my eyes and wake up, and I didn't understand why they didn't want me to sleep. I am pretty sure I asked her when the procedure was going to start, which is how I found out it was over and time to go home. After that, I remember the day (though short) pretty well, but was very very tired, and went to bed soon afterwards. I woke up this morning feeling fine, no side effects at all.

Too many people report horrid experiences with Versed, so I refused getting a colonoscopy despite bad family history and symptoms. I work in a hospital and order colonoscopoes for others all the time; I'm licenced to administer Versed, I'm just too chicken to try it myself. I guess that I'm a hypoctite. A month ago, a nurse whom I eat lunch with (who knows my history) told me that she was scheduling me for a colonoscopy (right down the hall from my office), like it or not. When I tried to cancel the test, the GI doc parked herself in my office and asked "why"? We can give you fentanyl or propofol instead of Versed and nobody is going to look at your ass; we will all be looking at the monitor for polyps. I told her tha I was scared shi*tless of sedation and she told me" "have it your way"..unsedated isn't bad, it can be uncomfortable. Long story short: the exam wasn't painful, but she had trouble getting to the cecum. Poor prep (I need a 2 day prep) and she suggests fentanyl only (painkiller, no sedation at my insistance) for the next exam. Everyone in my hospital seemed to be helping make this exam tolerable. The CRNA from anesthesia offered me a test dose of propofol beforehand to see if that was an option; I declined and guess that I have an irrational fear of sedation. Well, if I could do it unsedated, anyone can do it with drugs. I'm getting admitted the night before for the prep, IVs and enemas (sounds great) and the CRNA says that she's going to administer some meds that are better than what we took at Woodstock. I still want to do it drug-free, but once I'm in the hospital with an IV running, the CRNA said that she will change my mind about drugs. If I say "no" that means "no". But she said to sign the sedation consent and leave the "driving to them" and you won't even mind all the enemas that we are going to give you. I'm the worst patient imaginable; this is a simple exam if you aren;t crazy, just get one.

I don't know how could you tolerate it without anesthetics. When I did it I was fully asleep as I had also the endoscopy. I think the worst was the preparation. After the test I had a bit of hemorrhoids and a horrible feeling in my stomach...

I had a colonoscopy today in Rome Endoscopy Center in Rome Georgia. The first red flag is when the "nurse" came in to put in a IV port - it felt like she was ramming a nail into my vein (I am very tolarant to needles and IV's but this was unbearable) They get me back into the room and start giving me Versed and Fentanyl to "knock me out" the doctor starts the procedure and it felt like he was ripping my insides out - I started crying and screaming to stop a minute and let me catch my breath - he yelled at me and told me to "be quiet because there were other patients around" - I was trying to reach over and hold the side of the bed and the nurse yelled at me not to touch her and then the doctor yelled "Don't touch the nurse!!" I then remember he asking the nurse to give me some more Versed to "shut me up" - at this time I was finally knocked out after horrendous pain!! They wheel me out to recover and my Husband said the doctor told him I did not need another one for 10 years so we could have time to "save up to have me put to sleep!" The doctor was rude and arrogant - I was so out of it my husband had to dress me. The nurse came in and said "oops we need a wheelchair - she can't walk out by herself" I was in recovery not even 10 minutes until I was shuttled out to the car - they have an assembly line there in and out as fast as possible!! I am 5'6" and weight about 145 lbs they gave me a total of 75 mcg Fentanyl, 3 mg Versed and 12.5 Promethazine. I don't remember anything about being wheeled into recovery and taken to the car - we lived over a hour away from the facility and I was sick the whole way - in and out of consciousness - horrible cramping and gas - in the doctors notes he said that "the patient's toleration was poor" think!!! Aparently I have some pelvic adhesions and after he tried to ram the large scope to pass through he finally switched to the smaller one!

If you have to have a colonoscopy DO YOUR HOMEWORK - have it done in a hospital with general anthesia - YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE AWAKE FOR THIS PROCEDURE!!!

I work in a hospital and have seen too many people have bad reactions to Versed, It's a patient control drug (I'm a clinical pharmacist) and the long-term memory loss isn't something that I want to risk. I had bleeding symptoms but declined colonoscopy because the jerk GI doc didn't want to do the colonoscop without Versed (midazolam). Then a few months later I was in the ER with a family member and asked one of the nurses if I could use the staff bathroom; long story short a nurse found me passed out on the bathroom floor with pretty bad GI bleeding. The ER doc was mad that I didn't get a colonoscopy eairler, but after she heard that I wouldn't take Versed, she agreed with my logic. She had seen a lot of patients hur by Versed; way too many. She admitted me and got me prepped for the exam; I thought that we hit the same roadblock when the GI nurse "insisted" that I sign a sedation consent which I refused. The ER doc then mentioned that "this guy works here and he's severely anemic with lower GI bleeding, we are not going to wait because you want to give him a chemical lobotomy with midazolam (Versed)!" And she was screaming at them. A nice woman GI doc did the exam, no drugs, and it was nearly painless. The results were: if I had waited much longer, I would have died. All because the GI docs "insisted" on Versed so that they could so a quick exam, just like "versed colonoscopy nightmare" posted above. This drug isn't a joke. Avoid it (no, do your homework and decide). The exam is tolerable with nothing, comfortable with just painkller (fentanyl), but they like to administer Versed so that the exam is quicker to perform. Basically, they screw the patient. I must say that I got a nice apology from the original doc who wanted to push the Versed; he's not a bad guy. He told me that he tries to do as many colonoscopies as possible o save as many patients from cancer (noble) but that his staff basically lie to patients about Versed (unacceptable) and tell them it's "to relax you" and mention nothing about the amnesia and PTSD that it can cause; they do this to shove a dazed patient out the door quickly and yell: "next"! One of the nurses overheard him explainig this and actually called him an a-hole. The nurses were aware of the Versed problems all along. I'm in an uncomfortable situation, I work in the same hospital and need yearly exams, but have no confidence in the GI department; I won't recommend Versed to anyone. But make your own decision, check out for lots of Versed horror stories. BUt get a colonoscopy (it saved my life); you can get real anesthesia with propofol (expensive) or painkiler only (fentanyl) but you have to argue. My wife is a nurse-practitioner and loves Versed, so go figure. I think that this drug should be banned. My new GI doc doesn't recommend it if a patient's insurance will cover propofol. I still see my old GI doc almost every day and he's still apologietic about the Versed deception. This shouldn't happen; it's a drug with such mnor benefits and it's absolute poison for 10% who get it. 10% is pretty bad. Now everyone in my departmentat the hospital gets nerous when I spend more than 5 min in the men's room; a nurse even barged in on me and asked if I was bleeding! Actually, it's nice to know that they care; I just doubt that I will ever get another colonoscopy despite having one ordered yearly; all because of the deception over Versed. I just don't trust medical people anymore.

Hey, I'm 17 and was given versed after waking up with some unusual symptoms such as chest pains, chills,muscle spasms, dizziness...and went to the ER. The nurse actually gave me two medications. The first started to relax me and make me feel better. My chest pain was gone by this time. The second one, the Versed, was given to me in my hand and was actually "infiltrated", as my Mom had told me later. The nurse restuck me, and immediately my right hand and arm felt as if they were on fire. She told me this happens, and I relaxed, trusting the medical staff. Soon after, though, my chest started hurting, my heart was racing. I got very dizzy, and my mouth went dry. It felt like it was hard to breathe. I screamed for water. I threw up the first cup before spilling it. The second one I dropped because I didn't know I was holding it. I screamed for help, because I was getting very confused. They said I may be having a heart attack, and to just relax. Really?! The doctor, whom I had met earlier and had seemed very helpful, was now a cranky old man. I told him what was going on. He kept telling me to calm down. They put some more stuff into my veins, to flush the medicine out. I started grabbing for the nurses and doctor, begging them to help me. I've never had ANY sort of allergic reaction before, and I'm a very healthy person, so this was very alarming. They held me down until I was too drowsy to move. I started hallucinating.

My Mom told me later that I was singing. I only faintly remember that. The doctor told me I was faking it. They tried to do an MRI on me, but it was very early in the morning and I was still reacting to the medicine. I kept thinking I was in bed, about to sleep. So I kept turning over, and eventually I think they gave up on the MRI. When I asked the nurse what medicines she gave me, she said she only gave me one. So we left. They didn't run any other tests, tell me I was allergic to the medications they gave me, or what was going on. I've had surgery and had a bad reaction to it again. I have another surgery in a month. Is there any alternative to getting versed? Also, the experience at the hospital that I just wrote about it may have missing parts, or may not flow right. It's because I was out of it and don't remember EVERYTHING that happened to me.


Hey, I'm 17 and was given versed after waking up with some unusual symptoms such as chest pains, chills,muscle spasms, dizziness...and went to the ER. The nurse actually gave me two medications. The first started to relax me and make me feel better. My chest pain was gone by this time. The second one, the Versed, was given to me in my hand and was actually "infiltrated", as my Mom had told me later. The nurse restuck me, and immediately my right hand and arm felt as if they were on fire. She told me this happens, and i relaxed, trusting the medical staff. Soon after, though, my chest started hurting, my heart was racing. I got very dizzy, and my mouth went dry. It felt like it was hard to breathe. I screamed for water. I threw up the first cup before spilling it. The second one I dropped because I didn't know I was holding it. I screamed for help, because I was getting very confused. They said I may be having a heart attack, and to just relax. Really?! The doctor, whom I had met earlier and had seemed very helpful, was now a cranky old man. I told him what was going on. He kept telling me to calm down. They put some more stuff into my veins, to flush the medicine out. I started grabbing for the nurses and doctor, begging them to help me. I've never had ANY sort of allergic reaction before, and I'm a very healthy person, so this was very alarming. They held me down until I was too drowsy to move. I started hallucinating.

My Mom told me later that I was singing. I only faintly remember that. The doctor told me I was faking it. They tried to do an MRI on me, but it was very early in the morning and I was still reacting to the medicine. I kept thinking I was in bed, about to sleep. So I kept turning over, and eventually I think they gave up on the MRI. When I asked the nurse what medicines she gave me, she said she only gave me one. So we left. They didn't run any other tests, tell me I was allergic to the medications they gave me, or what was going on. I've had surgery and had a bad reaction to it again. I have another surgery in a month. Is there any alternative to getting versed? Also, the experience at the hospital that I just wrote about it may have missing parts, or may not flow right. It's because I was out of it and don't remember EVERYTHING that happened to me.


My first colonoscopy was with anesthesia and included Versed, so I don't remember anything. For my second one, I asked to do it without pain relief and without sedation, because I had been told a colonoscopy is not that painful. THEY WERE WRONG! Several minutes into the procedure the pain started and grew worse, so I asked for the pain medication. They gave me a little but it wasn't enough, and so I asked for more. It wasn't a big deal for the doctor or for me. I just realized I couldn't handle the pain. Since I never got Versed, I remember everything. The doctor was okay with my decision, and I've scheduled my third colonoscopy with him. This time I will ask for the anesthesia, but I still don't want Versed. I'm not nervous. Even with the pain, the colonoscopy was not a big deal.

I recently went to a pain clinic to have a nerve block in my back. We had agreed before that it would be done without sedation. The doctor said he would numb the area first to make sure I would not feel the shots. When I went into the procedure room the nurses immediately began to try to force me into sedation. I refused it.
So when I am on the table on my belly where I cannot see anything the doctor says "you will feel a pinch and a sting". I felt it all right, and he stuck the needle straight into me WITHOUT numbing me first! He did three shots that way but I was able to take it. He said after that many people have to have them stop and take sedation to get through it. He apparently was hoping I would have to have it too and that is why he SKIPPED the numbing meds.
What you need to know is this- sedation(versed)makes them an extra $360.00 each visit and THAT is WHY they do it. They also LOVE the control. It horrifies me to see how many medical places use it for ANY reason now! Medical people are sadistic assholes. I hate them all!

Well I must start by thanking the people that have contributed versed hating info to this site. You all have answered a question that has puzzled me for years. How does a twenty six year old with no previous psychological problems end up with a three day vacation to the psych ward and permanent PTSD symptoms and insomnia? Two years ago I had a colonostomy and I awoke in the middle of the procedure and remember lookin at my guts on tv and talkin crazy.I remember the nurse lookin down. I assume to shoot me with more poison because I passed out. I go home and go to sleep. I'm awoke by the scariest most evil dream I've ever had. So scary I stayed afraid to go to sleep for months.I also had very strong suicidal feelings that came and went.They were so strong ,when I'd temporarily come to my senses,I would be scared of how close I'd came to suicide. I admitted myself to a psych ward just a few days after the dream. I've had insomnia and ptsd symptoms and been on medication since. I ask my dr if the anathesia he used could have done it. He sturnly said NO its just stress. I had been goin thru lots of stress but not that much !so I didn't even ask what he had given me. I know now what is was now!Versed. I'm gonna find out tomorrow for sure. I should sue. As should the majority of the people that have contributed to this site. BAD DRUG!!! I can't believe they legally give this stuff to people. Thanks again fellow Versed haters

Just wanted to validate your problems. Versed is a BAD DRUG just like you say. I got it 6 years ago and still have life altering PTSD and anxiety disorders from it. Medical workers love it so much that they are in denial over the problems this drug has... I read a post a few weeks ago where the OR nurse said she loves it because it makes her job in the OR so much easier. That's why it's still legal, in my opinion.

Your doctor doesn't know what he is talking about. His education isn't sufficient to make this kind of statement unless he is an unbiased neuroscientist. I hardly think that a neuroscientist would be doing gastro work. Just sayin'! Even if he was, the intracacies of something as complicated as the human brain are beyond science at present. It isn't stress, although stress probably exacerbates the problem. I have certainly had trouble dealing with stress after my brain was altered with Versed! The problem is still the Versed.

I take Lexapro as a DIRECT result of Versed used on me by a simpering little crna named Aaron. So anyway, there are too many people getting the exact same symptoms from this drug. If these medical people had any compassion at all they would quit using it.

How much money do we have to pay them before they are willing to forego this amnesia and patient obedience drug called Versed? It's not like their job is a minimum wage position or heavy manual labor where they would constantly be looking for ways to get out of actual work!

I said I had a colonostomy. I meant to say colonoscopy.Point proven , they fried my brain.I was once an honors grad. Oops I've been versed or cursed. They're so similar. I knew he wasn't a neuroscientist but I'm sure he knew the side effects of the drug. I imagine most all docters do. At least he could have warned me of the side effects, and that there was a slight risk of me losin my f****n mind.Most docters have no compassion, and if you find one that does,just pray that he/she does not kick the bucket.That happened to me. I've dealt with at least twenty docs since then and have only had one that met my "good docter"standards. The majority of them are just wantin to get to the end of the day ,hop in there porsche,go somewhere really nice to eat, have some drinks, and sit and think about how much they're bank account is growing. I got a question for ya as well. Do your symptoms seem to get better with time. I take roughly 30mgs of seroquil at night. I got 200mgs so I just chip it off. And I also get a bar of xanax a day. Darn seroquile is expensive. And my x gi docter I had mentioned in my previous comment refused to tell me what he had given me. He said he would mail it,and I should get it in 5 to 10 days. Its been over two weeks. I'm goin back tomorrow with threats of a lawyer.

I was about to have an elective surgery and I asked several times if they used conscious sedation. They claimed that they didn't. Finally, after a few days, they called me in and began rushing me to sign papers. At that point, I asked "what is the name of the drug that will be used?" The first director acted as if she didn't know. Finally, I said "look, do you use versed or not?" She said she was calling the anesthesiologist in. The anesthesiologist said that all she ever uses is Versed and she "pumps it like crazy" until the patients "fall out".

When I told her that I have a sensitivity to those kinds of drugs, she said that unless I could go back twenty years and find doctors (from my childhood) who could confirm it, then she WILL use it even though she has propofol available because they HAVE to use Versed and SEE if the patient suffers due to it or have another doctor to confirm that the patient already has mental issues due yo Versed.

I started telling her that I chsnged my mind and she just kept rambling that I couldn't change my mund on the procedure (evrn though it was elective). She wouldn't let me leave until I stood up and yelled into her face "lady, I don't want it". Afterward, they tried to play the victim and said "we have nothing here fir you and can no longer serve you".

I didn't understand why Versed HAD to be tested with proven brain damage before they would leave me alone. How sick!


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