eBay - let me list unfavourite sellers


Ok, so there's a million things to fix about eBay, and as I noted before my top beef is the now-common practice of immense shipping charges and below-cost prices for products -- making it now impossible to search by price because the listed price is getting less relevant.

Here's one possible fix. Just as you can have a list of favourite sellers, allow me to add a seller to my list of blocked sellers. I would no longer see listings from them. Once I scan a seller's reputation and see that I don't trust them, I don't want to be confused by their listings. Likewise if I want to block the sellers who use the fat shipping, I could do that, so I could unclutter my listings. That might be something to make a bit more temporary.

Ideally let sellers know they are getting on these lists, too. They should know that their practices are costing them bidders.


That would be nice! I could block all those chinese scam artists selling guitars for $3. They even keep their feedback public. Gee I wonder why? People must be unhappy with their $3 dollar guitar.

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I love this idea! I had a recent experience with a seller who was a complete jerk and sold merchandise that didn't match the description he offered. I'm looking for a specific item and this seller's name comes up again and again. Apparently he's cornered the market on this particular set of items and people are happy buying from someone who's a con artist.

Good idea, is there a way that when some rotten seller get's themselves a new ebay id to rip people off again, you can tell that the info is coming from the same computer and not let them sell anymore? Got ripped off for speakers to the tune of $550 from a reputable guitar player. Paypal says they will give money back IF it's in seller's account (which I'm sure has been changed by now). Any way to mark someone so they can't just change their name and do it again?

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