Cruise admits it will not deploy in 2019 -- is the "hard city first" strategy right?


It's not a big surprise, but Cruise has announced they will not meet their goal of deploying in 2019. Cruise says deploying in San Francisco is 40x harder than a place like Phoenix where Waymo is deploying, but that once they solve this harder problem, they will be the leader.

Is that the right strategy? I examine this in a new Forbes site article:

Cruise Officially Delays -- is this the trough of disappoitment

And yes, I'm back, after a lovely month in France. Just about anything sounds better when you say, "... in France" at the end of it.


Hey Brad,
I'm a long time follower of yours, and I've read many of your blog posts, and some other material about you. I think you are smart, bright, and I also feel you have a good heart.

Lately I can't read many of your blog posts because I don't like to visit Forbes, for a few reasons: they're spammy, they have bad practices in relation to cookies, privacy, etc, and I find the experience of reading on Forbes much less enjoyable.

I don't know what you should do with my comment. But I wanted to let you know.

p.s. If you come to San Francisco and have some time, I'd love to buy you a lunch/dinner/coffee and have a nice chat. Lots of things to discuss!

Forbes posts are reaching some new audiences, so I am trying an experiment. They do require the post be exclusive on their site for 5 days. I could repost here 5 days later but that's a bit of work and not so great for timely articles. By spammy you just mean they have too many ads? I have an ad blocker so perhaps I don't see them. Or are they taking your email and spamming you?

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