New Chart of Tesla Autopilot Safety record


Tesla released the latest safety numbers for the 3rd quarter. I decided to put all the numbers on a chart, but corrected for the fact that Autopilot is used almost exclusively on freeways, while non-Autopilot use is a 40-60 mix. The result is that Autopilot and non-Autopilot safety are fairly similar, with Autopilot maybe slightly worse.

Also a new review from Consumer Reports rates GM Super Cruise higher than Autopilot, but only because it has more driver monitoring and blocks off-freeway use.

Read the story on at New Tesla Autopilot Statistics Show It’s Almost As Safe Driving With It As Without


That chart is based on your guesstimate?

That the ratio of accidents highway to non-highway is around 3-1 is not a guess. That this would be the ratio for Tesla drivers not using autopilot is not a guess. That it would be the ratio for drivers on Autopilot is not something I have data for but it's a reasonable assumption, and because Autopilot is 94% freeway, it's not that strong an assumption -- it would have to be way off to alter the core of the chart.

But you'll probably get away with it. Tesla would have to open itself up to discovery in order to sue you for lying about them.

(I don't see the word "estimated" anywhere on your chart, let alone "numbers made up by someone who frequently tries to say negative things against Tesla".)

The math and uncertainty are well explained in the article with the chart. Says negative things about Tesla? You haven't been reading me. I own a Tesla. It's the best car out there.

The article explains that you're making a bunch of assumptions, many of them dubious.

I've been reading you for quite a while.

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