Two styles of vitamin and supplement pills


Today there's more evidence we should be taking more and more supplements, but they often come in giant pills that are uncomfortable to take. At the same time, easy to take chewable vitamin pills are also on the market.

So I propose: Divide up all the vitamins and minerals and supplements wanted in a daily regimen. Make a chewable pill that contains all the ones that can go in a chewable pill (ie. don't taste bad, and will maintain proper cohesion.) Then take the ones that can't go in that chewable, and bundle just them in a hopefully smaller, coated pill to swallow.


What evidence? There is really no evidence,
as far as I know, that people EATING A BALANCED
DIET need any supplements. There is really no
evidence, as far as I know, that taking more
vitamins than required to prevent diseases due
to deficiency (scurvy, rickets, beriberi etc)
provides any benefit (such as avoiding cancer,
or the common cold, or the flu, or AIDS).

More and more? Are you sure this isn't misinformation
planted by the folks who sell the pills?

Don't get me wrong; I took supplements for years and
then didn't take them for years. I didn't notice any
difference. I'm certainly not opposed to taking supplements,
medication or whatever. In fact, I would be dead now
if not for chemotherapy (non-Hodgkin lymphom; not influenced
by diet), so I'm all for taking synthetic stuff if it helps.

I should have mentioned that, in addition to a balanced diet,
I eat almost exclusively organically grown food.

A balanced diet no longer provides sufficient minerals and vitamins required for a healthy lifestyle due to 'forced' farming (where crops are forced to grow faster than nature intended). This leads to a depletion of th enecessary minearls from the soil. In short your 5 recommended servings of 'fresh' fruit & veg a day reads more like 10 due to forced farming in order to acquire the necessary nutrition. A prime example is in the beef industry, particularly the US where cattle are for the most part grain fed. Consequently the beef is deficient in Selenium......a primary anti-oxidant shown to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. If you can get your hands on fresh organic food all the better (fresh been key of course!). The days of crop rotation to maintain soil health and quality have been replaced by intensive farming driven by the world's need for more and more food. I take supplements but not always on a daily basis aiming to get as much from my diet as is necessary. Of course when I do supplement I purchase those that are non-synthetic (synthetic forms are not as bio-available)

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