Fairer bathrooms

We've all seen public bathrooms where the women have a line snaking out into the hall, but we guys can just "whiz" in and out. We have sympathy (but not too much, see the joke)

Here's a good solution that will probably never fly because we're uptight. Two bathrooms: One small one with nothing but urinals for men, and another one with nothing but stalls to be shared among the sexes.

In effect, it would offer most of the building's entire pool of stalls to the women when they need it, instead of the 60% or so they get now.

Why not do this? Well, some women would prefer men not use their stalls, due to certain prejudicial (or justified) opinions they might hold about our collective restroom hygene. And women might also miss the private "just for women" chat and appearance adjustment space at the sink.

These concerns could be fixed one of two ways. Have men's and women's "ends" to the line of stalls, so only when it was full would women find themselves moving into the area we've used. And possibly have two private sink areas, since there is not as much contention there, and they take less space anyway.
I can credit the idea that the sexes want their private space.

Oh yeah, the toilets could have a little pin that pokes out when the flush lever is pulled that tips down the seat if it was left up. Does that make it better? :-)

Or are we just too uptight to do this? I know women who, facing the long line, waltz into the men's room. They obviously won't mind. I don't see men minding. It's sometimes means a longer wait for a stall, but it's fair.

So what about it, ladies? Would you prefer this arrangement?


And don't forget the opportunities for wacky "Aly McBeal" style interactions between coworkers.

Remember to distribute remote-control flush keyfobs to everyone!

I don't know about that. Seems to me if women were constantly overfilling the bathroon space, why complicate things by putting them in with more people? Plus, it might get confusing and distracting, especially to someone who's never been to that restroom before.

In Sweden, common bathrooms are not unusual.
They are just stalls, or perhaps stalls and
urinals. No separate sink areas.

Then again, one sees schoolgirls take off
their tops when it gets hot playing sports.
As you say, North America is probably too uptight
for a sensible solution. (Apparently Janet
Jackson's tits are a threat to national security.
If I were Janet, I would have come to the Grammy
Awards in a burka to put things in perspective.
A fear of unclothed women is common in many
uncivilised countries: USA, Afghanistan,...)

In Germany, there are urinals for women. Don't
ask me how they work.

In England, there are double stalls for women
who like to go to the toilet together. (Why they
like to to this is one of the Seven Mysteries
of Life.)

" In England, there are double stalls for women
who like to go to the toilet together. (Why they
like to to this is one of the Seven Mysteries
of Life.) "

for playing battles#its?

"Uptight" may have something to do with it for some people, but I'm about as un-uptight as you can get when it comes to nudity and things human. I've been a stripper and run around naked at Burning Man. Still, I would not like to share bathrooms with men because too many of them are immature when it comes to appropriate behavior between the sexes, and when it comes to pulling down my pants in publicly accessed places, I want a wall of concrete (i.e. separate room) in which to do it where I won't be bothered by inappropriate advances when going about my daily business.

The uptight thing is American... besides Sweden, many asian countries such as Korea also have unisex bathrooms.

Sheesh we all have to do it... what is the big deal.

If we put the urinal behind a wall then there would be no issues of "exposure" for the uptight folks to get all huffy over. Everyone else would be in stalls behind closed doors.

In my humble opinion, American men and women are generally too prudish and puritanical in regards to the prospect of coed bathroom facilities. In an ideal world, I suppose sharing a bathroom with a member of the opposite sex would be a good way of bonding with them and sharing a process of our common humanity, that each and every one of us does each and every day of our lives.

In fact several of my family members of the older generation have many stories about growing up in the country with outdoor plumbing, which had 4 holes for people to sit on. They said that it was a great way to commune with other people while answering nature's call.

However, in today's world, I don't believe that sharing an adjoining stall with a member of the opposing gender would be what the majority of men and women would feel comfortable with. With mature people it would be absolutely no problem, but as always, there are many perverted and sick people who would take advantage of the proximity to a member of the opposite sex engaging in this most personal and private act of nature, and would derive some sort of perverse gratification from the sights and sounds of a member of the opposite sex while they answered nature's call.

In Europe and Asia, they are much more mature than we about the concept of nudity and the biological processes of human elimination. So in America, I must reluctantly say that we are not yet ready for coed bathrooms. Besides, what would Phyllis Schafley do when she had to go?

how old r u?? r u cute?? hopefullly so?/ u r not tooooooooooooo old r u?? bye

That idea had occurred to me as well about having stalls and urinals separate so women could make use of all the stalls while men could just use the urinals for a quick pee. However, as many have pointed out, this is unlikely to occur in America. It may not solve the problem of long lines for women either. Most men's room only have one or two stalls and twice as many urinals. In the new set up this would only give women a few more places to go. If you figure an average men's room has two stalls and 3 urinals and the women's room 3 stalls what you'd end up with in the new set up is probably something like 5 unisex stalls and maybe 6-10 urinals. This would give men up to twice to triple the number of places to pee as women, thus not solvcing the problem, maybe making it worse, unless you have female urinals as well.

But many men probably would not feel comfortable taking a dump with women and vice versa and those men too shy to use urinals probably wouldn't be too happy having to wait in line with the women. The likely result would be that men would get to make use of rapid wait free peeing while women continue to languish crosslegged in line right next door with a constant reminder of male urinary privilege. But hey they have multiple orgasms so why should they be complaining, they got the better end of the deal, their the priveleged ones! Honestly wouldn't you trade peeing standing up for multiple orgasms?!

Many girls are too fearful of even farting in public, I can't imagine many wanting to be in a stall next to some guy they are out with while blowing chunks out their butts especially if it's noisy.

I like the ability of being about to pee standing up, on the other hand personally is give anything for the ability to have multiple orgasms. I mean us guys advantages in the way we can pee standing up, but I wouldn't complain if I had to sit down or squat to pee if I was capible of having several minutes of back to back orgasms. Since girls/women have the potential to have many orgasms in a row, they may have the sit down or squat to pee, but they have a big advantage over boys/men because we can't have those multiples, we are stuck with one each time. My girlfriend sometimes has one, but others she has 2,3,4,5 she has had as many as 10-15 orgasms in a row. She doesn't complain about having to sit down to pee, she has even told me, You guys can have your peeing advantage, I'll keep my multiple orgasms :)

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