The Cylon God and his prophecy

In the latest BSG, "Razor" we saw mostly flashback but got some interesting new backstory in the form of an appearance by what appears to be an incarnation of the Cylon god. And he makes a prophecy about Starbuck.

Now first of all, is this character, said to be the First Hybrid an incarnation of the much older Cylon god, the being they worship and who they say drove them to destroy the colonies? First we see young Adama meet him, and stick his hand into the Hybrid tank. This is no coincidence -- Adama is shot down in a space battle high in the atmosphere of a frozen planet, there's no way he would land on the Cylon base star by chance and walk into the Hybrid's room. When Adama sticks in his hand, he gets a vision, like a Cylon projection, of tortured humans in cages, a hand grabbing him, and then after the vision ends the voice of the first hybrid repeating the Peter Pan mantra "all this has happened before, and will happen again."

Later Kendra finds him on the old Base Star and he says, "What am I? A man? Or a machine? My children believe I am a god." His children are probably not the original model Cylons guarding him, at least not solely them. While the bio-cylons are not directly descended from him, he was their prototype and this seems to point to them.

In addition, of course, he knows far too much for somebody who has sat in a tank for 40 years, kept away from the Cylon mainstream. He is expecting the meeting, and his destruction. He expects a new incarnation, as well. And he knows about Starbuck's special destiny and has a warning about it. He also calls Kendra "my child" which may also imply, as has been suggested, that the colonials are also creations of this being.

(While it may be just a coincidence, it is worth noting that immediately after this being is destroyed, wondering about his next incarnation, Hera, a true hybrid, is born.)

While some would suggest he could be lying or delusional, this doesn't seem right from a dramatic sense. You don't throw in a being like this and then explain it all away as the ravings of an insane creature. I rate a good probability that this is an incarnation/copy of the Cylon god, put into the First Hybrid as the Cylons were creating it. (They were, most probably, creating it under the hidden or open direction of the Final 5 or the Cylon God.)

Next let's consider his prophecy about Starbuck. He says, "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the Apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her."

This is a delightfully ambiguous sentence, so much so that I am confident it doesn't mean what it says on the surface.

First of all "its end" can mean both its destruction, or simply its goal or destination -- in this case Earth. (However, podcast material suggests that it probably does mean destruction.)

Many people have come to think the word "Apocalypse" refers to the end of the world or Armageddon, but actually it means "revelations." The confusion began because the story of the end of the world is told in a book which is an apocalypse. It is telling that Season 4, Episode 12, is titled Revelations. A harbinger is an omen, not a bringer of death. But whose death? Colonials or Cylons? The Cylon god is not necessarily on any one side in this conflict, and the hybrid, which is half-human and half-machine, certainly isn't. Who are the "they" who must not follow her, and why?

In particular, after that the god accepts his destruction and repeats the Peter Pan mantra, saying "again" many times until the nuke goes off. Kendra tries to tell his warning but is partly jammed -- but by whom? The god? The Cylons who guard him and presumably follow his instructions?

Under this cycle of time theory, the god would presume that Starbuck is destined to be followed or not, and this would not be changed because of a warning. The coming events are largely set, so what is the purpose of this warning?

We have to wait until March to find out, and this blog will be mostly quiet until then.


According to a Katie Sackoff Convention I found out the following spoilers:

1. The Colonial fleet will find earth through the eye of Jupitor,the Jupitor in our solar system is a worm hole.

2. Thrace is not a cylon.

3. President Rosolin is the final cylon.

4. Baltar is the cylon God.

5. The earth they find is very ancient earth at the time of Atlantians.

6. William Adama Will discover that our Earth used to be called Caprica. This has happened before and will happen again...

7. The Battlestar Galactica will be destroyed as well as the fleet.

8. Colonial Humanity, Atlanian Huminity and the cylons will be destroyed in Revelations.

9. The only survivors are the Hybrid humans.

10. All of us on earth today are part cylon, which will one day leave to find earth which was once called caprica...

11. Kara Thrace will find out she is a Lesbian.

Well, they aren't going to leak something this big at a convention? (There was a convention just for Sackoff?)

1) They don't need a special wormhole, we were already shown that Earth is near the location of the fleet at the end of season 3.

2) No, probably not with her special destiny

3-4) Possibly, or as I have written a cylon Christ

5-6) This would be really, really stupid.

7-8) Possibly. I'm sure a big battle is coming, with lots of action

9) Not too many of them.

10) Well, we do know that the line between Cylon and human is "further blurred" but not our Earth

11) Let's hope she gets a scene with Natalie (Helfer) then. :-)

2. Can be since she resurrected but not necessarily as the revealed 4/5 cylons are guide/supplementery to their human counterparts.

3-4. Would be really dumb beacuse of the question why not wipe entire colony since all main characters turned out to be cylon.

5-6. On the contrary, it'll be good to merge BSG saga with Atlantis saga in such a way.

9. This may even be correlated to Adam & Eve if possible.

11. The correct term o "Bi-Sexual" since she also enjoys man too.

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