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D'Anna to Baltar: "You were right"

One of the most important scenes in the entire series is the final scene in the Temple of Five. I'll write more about it, though its main revelation -- that the Final Five are very, very old -- appears confirmed. After #3 (D'Anna) gets her vision of the Final Five, she collapses and says to Baltar: "So beautiful. You were right." But she never answers his "about what?"

The most obvious thing that springs to mind is Baltar's belief that he could be a Cylon. On the surface this implies she saw him as the last member of the Final Five. Right now most people resist that, so here's a list of things Baltar says to #3 during his time with them.

  • That he's a Cylon, a member of the Final Five
  • That it's not just chance that both the colonials and the Cylon fleet meet at the Temple of Five at this exact time.
  • That she, #3, is the anointed one, chosen by god to look upon the faces of the Final Five. (He's lying when he says this.)
  • That God will guide her to her destiny
  • That the answers to her questions are in the Temple of Five.

Not a great list, is it? All but the first aren't things to spend your last words confirming. This seems to be a large clue to Baltar being the #1 Cylon, but this has been hinted at so much it would be an anticlimax so I resist it. (I have another theory for Baltar I'll list later.)

You can search through transcripts of the episodes -- tell me if you find other things Baltar said to #3 that she could be confirming with her dying breath. Ideally, it should also jibe with her famous apology to one of the Final Five.


I have read all of your BSG analysis blogs and find much of it interesting and thought provoking. With all the intracacies of the BSG universe it might be easy to over look clues. Until reading this blog I had kind of pushed out the later half of #3's vision in the temple of 5. "You were right" I never really puzzled over I will. In addition, I think your theory that the journy from Earth to Kobol to 12 colonies has merit. I have often asked myself how the scrolls of Pythia which supposedly chronicle the journey of the 13th tribe apparently travel back from Earth to Kobol and then down the line to the 12 colonies. Your theory would explain that away. In addition... your theory that the clues to Earth's location are more signs of where they came from rather than where they are going is also plausible. People leave bread crumbs to find there way home not the other way around.

So, in keeping with that reverse logic, why should we assume that D'anna/#3 is talking to Baltar? She has just undergone a mind blowing (death inducing) vision. In fact it seems to me that her dialogue is entirely directed to the F5 particulary the one to whom she says, "I am so sorry." Maybe, she is still speaking to the one to whom she is appologizing? Mentally #3 is in a different place than Baltar. I don't think his presence registers at all with #3. Perhaps clues to "what is right" and "you were right" lay in dialogue between one of the D'annas/#3s and another character?

So now somebody has to go to the transcripts and find what the others said to her. Not many of them spoke to her. Anders did. Tigh did a bit. Don't think Foster or Tyrol did much.

She has a fight with Anders but he says little of interest. She interviews Tigh but he mostly gets angry. Tigh says a few things during the confrontation on Galactica. She rarely interacts with Tyrol, but she does order his wife's execution knowingly, which bumps him a bit on the apology list.

But I really don't see any of these saying something profound to her. It could be the missing member of the 5, who is still a leading candiate for the apology -- and as you suggest, maybe for the "you were right."

It has to be Baltar.

D’Anna said that there were only four in the fleet. That means the fifth was on the baseship.
There would be no hurry for D'Anna to tell Baltar that he is the fifth, unless he tried to go back to the fleet. In fact, it would be beneficial to keep them guessing, which is why she played that joke on Roslin.
While only four are shown to have heard the music/signal, Baltar mentioned hearing *something* to that effect to Tori.
It would explain Baltar's virtual Six.
For most of the series, we've been deliberately steered away from Baltar, making it more of a surprise answer.
And finally, D’Anna tortured Baltar, which would explain the apology.
And she said "You were right" to him. What else could that mean?

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