Death Valley Panoramas with wildflowers


I have been quite behind in processing my photo galleries and panoramics.

I have just now put up the gallery of panoramics from the Death Valley Wildflowers trip from March of 2005. Interesting scenery, and when you get close enough lots of fields of flowers. Of course, on most of them the flowers are so tiny that they are resolved well only when the panos are seen printed at full resolution, not when shrunk for a computer screen.

I have also done up a new layout for the panorama pages, and the thumbnails are now 1200 wide intead of 800 wide. I am hoping that most people have a 1280x1024 screen by now, if not a 1600x1200. (Everybody would have 1600 if they were still buying CRTs as CRTs that large are down to $100 it seems. LCD panels at such a res are $450 at least.)

See the Death Valley Spring Flowers Panoramas 2005


Your panoramas work really well on my dual-head setup at work, which has two side-by-side 1600x1200's. So 3200x1200 would be a real treat. Infinite thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with everyone!

There are still too many 1280x1024 screens out there to make that the viewing size. Still the sweet spot for price for most people in LCD panels. I do want people to see the whole height on the screen (and the browser toolbars take a lot of the screen too.) And my mother insists on running at smaller than that, even on an LCD where it fuzzes the pixels.

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