Debate: Will self-driving cars rule in 10 years or fizzle - With Raj Rajkumar of CMU vs. myself


Coming up July 27 at 10am EDT join me and CMU professor and Darpa Grand Challenge winner Raj Rajkumar in a debate about the prospects for self-driving cars on the current technological roadmap in the next 10 years. I will argue for success and significant growth to many cities, Raj will argue that this won't happen without new approaches, if at all. Dan Levy from Barclays will moderate.

While this question has been considered by many advocates and critics of self-driving technology, it will be interesting and I hope informative to debate it with somebody with the experience of Raj. More information at this LinkedIN page and you can sign up to attend the video meeting at this page


It's 10 am EDT and there's no debate. Actually at 11:00?

When you registered it should have said that...

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