EasyMile develops plan to get back in operation using seatbelts. But is the whole idea of transit stops the mistake?


Earlier I wrote about how EasyMile had to stop operations after a sudden stop in one of their vehicles gave minor injuries to a passenger.

Today they announced their plan to resume operations. It includes seatbelts and education. It's a start, but I wonder if the whole idea of "stops" is the problem. Stops are inherent in the 20th century thinking that surrounds public transit. Big vehicles need to make lots of stops picking up and dropping off passengers. But that's a problem if you expect the vehicle not to start until everybody has their seatbelt on!

Smaller vehicles can do public transportation with very few intermediate stops. They were already the best choice for efficiency, comfort, speed and more, but it turns out they are the right choice for safety.

Read my new Forbes site article at EasyMile adds seatbelts to get back in operation

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