Elon Musk buys NFT of Will Smith's "Slap" for $832M (5.6B DOGE)

Smith (right) and Rock share a smile an instant after the slap, dreaming of the income from the NFT sale

April 1, 2022: Elon Musk has purchased an NFT of the slap of comedian Chris Rock by actor Will Smith which took place during the 2022 Acadamy Awards(R) early this week. The NFT was minted on a new hyperledger-based blockchain managed by Sotheby's Auction House in partnership with Christie's Auctions and Private Sales using their new auction system as a way to promote the new blockchain.

There was huge excitement over this NFT sale because of the unprecedented global fame of the event. There have been NFTs sold of a thousand memes and other digital artworks, but nothing with this level of worldwide attention.

Smith and Rock issued the NFT jointly, revealing that the slap had been staged to create attention. "Mr. Smith and Mr. Rock are comedic actors, it was amusing that people thought he would actually hit a fellow comedian over a lame joke," said a spokesman for the duo. "The Academy isn't going to like this, but, hello? 832 million dollars?" said Rock, reportedly.

The NFT is not associated with any image or document. Rather, and unusually, it is tied to the "slap heard 'round the world" itself. NFTs assign a virtual digital title to abstract items such as digital artworks without providing any title to anything physical. The NFT can be sold and traded to convey provenance on the work of performance art. It is unknown if an NFT for performance art has ever been sold.

Elon Musk, the world's richest individual, feels the NFT is a good investment. "This is valuable today because of the world-shaking fame of the slap, but also because it will get more attention as the first ever NFT of performance art," said Musk. "Bezos has already offered me a billion for it but I told him to take his penis-envy somewhere else." Musk also said he might use the NFT as the name of his next child. Musk made the payment using DogeCoin, of which he is one of the largest holders. Vladimir Putin attempted to bid in the auction using the increased $100B of oil revenues he has realized due to the higher price of oil, but his bid was blocked due to sanctions.

Representatives of the Academy said that while they were not planning to strip Smith of his Oscar(R), they wish they had been informed, and been given a chance for a piece of the NFT. "The Academy does not punish actors for good acting." The NFT will pay Smith and Rock a percentage of any resales, possibly generating a long-term revenue stream for them.

A planned auction of an NFT of the Florida "Parental Rights in Education" bill, commonly known as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, will take place next week to fund Florida public schools. This NFT represents the law itself, not the signing document or pen or other typical item, said a spokesman for Sotheby's-Christie's.


Kiss my ass. LOL You had me going for a second there. Somehow I've managed to go all day without seeing any pranks and forgot what day it is.

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