Location aware phone to call a local expert

People are always looking for location aware services for their mobile devices, including local info. But frankly the UIs on small mobile devices often are poor. When you are on a cell phone, voice to a smart person is the interface you often want.

So here's a possible location aware service. Let people register as a "local expert" for various coordinates. That's probably folks who live in a neighbourhood or know it very well. They would then, using a presence system on their own phone or computer, declare when they are available to take calls about that location.

Somebody sitting with a cell phone in a location could call a special 900-like number. Their phone could just transmit their location, or they would quickly say it to a human for entry. Then, their call would be routed to a local expert who is marked as available for calls. (In some cases it may simultaneously ring several experts of possible but unsure availability and give the call to whoever answers first.)

Then they could, for a fee (perhaps $1/minute?) ask the expert questions.

  • "Where's the best Thai food?"
  • "How do I get transit to such and such location?"
  • "What's a good Taxi company to call? Can you call me one?"
  • "Is there a shop around here that sells widgets?"
  • "Is this museum worth it?"
  • "What parts of the area are dangerous?"
  • "How much is real estate here?"

The expert would be expected to know how to answer questions about most of the restaurants, bars and shops. And they could also -- so long as they disclosed any kickbacks very clearly -- provide coupon codes to people that would rebate the cost of the call.

At the end of any call, the caller would stay on the line and be asked to rate the quality of the expert. They could also rate later. Experts would gain reputations for their skill, and the ones with the highest ratings would be given more calls, or be able to charge more.

Charging could be per minute, fixed-rate, or as noted, rebated with validation from a recommended merchant (though I would want to design a system so that advice is never biased by this.)

This could also be done by texting, which would be easier for experts to do, and probably be cheaper, but of course is slower for the mobile user. Many mobile users are getting pretty good at their texting. The experts would presumably be at computers with IM clients, but they could be at mobile phones as well.

To make this cheaper, one could arrange for trading minutes. Which is to say, if you put minutes into the system advising others, you can in turn use minutes getting advice when you need it. Some people might prefer to do this in a friendly way rather than charge or pay.

Experts could very well be just around the corner, physically, if they are being an expert on their local neighbourhood. It's not out of the question they could then agree to help in person. In this case you would need to have some way to certify they're not up to something nefarious. The fact that the call is logged and you know the home address of the expert in the database should be enough. The client might be up to something nefarious, but this seems a pretty low risk.


This is already happening in the UK, at least the "answers by text" aspect. See 82ask for one example. While they answer more than local-knowledge questions, reportedly that's a significant part of their business.

Though I do think that access to experts at any time by phone is a good service to have. (Kevin O'Donnel's 1980 novel Ora:Cle was in part based on that concept, the hero worked for such a service.)

But in this case I'm not looking for somebody who can look stuff up or research, but a true local expert, usually a native. Only a native is going to readily answer questions about quality of shops. Though, over time, people with web access can go to the sites that rate restaurants and deliver answers.

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