inflatable sofabed


For many the guest bed has for years been the sofabed. But they are usually terrible beds, with too-thin mattresses that get lumpy. People are moving more towards inflatable beds they put on the floor or a stand. On the floor of course is not comfortable either.

So why not a sofabed with an air mattress inside, a quality one like those found in the higher-end airbeds. Those are quite nice to sleep on, with adjustable firmness. You can't have the thick foam walls, those would have to be inflated, but you could have the foam padding on top. Could auto-inflate with built in pump.

Would be a good idea in RV sofas as well.


usually they have them in the camping section of stores. Not a sofabed, but a bed you can roll up into a bag and put away.

not sure about the adjustable firmness part.

An easy solution (and one that I have used) is to take off the crappy mattress on the sofa bed, and use a separate inflatble bed on top of it. It does make the bed kinda high, but very comfortable. Also, the frame is much, much easier to fold up and put away when there is no mattress on it. The inflatble mattress, of course, deflates and stores easily in the open area of the fold out couch. Another advantage to separate systems, is the inevitable puncture. If it was a cohesive unit, it would neccesitate repair or expensive replacement. My version = go buy another $29.00 mattress.

I know that sealy makes one because I saw it in a furniture store a little over a year ago. Also the Select comfort guys have one but I'm sure its $$

yeah i seen one it was close too 600 bucks im sure its great quality can anyone recommend another company that makes good ones but doesnt cost a arm and a leg?

Select-Comfort makes an Air Filled Sofabed

Jayco has a sofa bed with an air mattress. I saw it at an RV show last month. You open up the mattress and there is a button to inflate the mattress.

This is the model I saw it in:

We can't complain about not having options when it comes to choosing beds for our guests. There are countless space effective designs, comfortable models with stylish looks. If you know you have guests pretty often then I think that's an investment that's worth the effort.

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