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Map of the restaurants on Irving St. / Outer Sunset, San Francisco

We've been working on an inherited house in the Irving Street/23rd avenue neighbourhood of the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. This is one of SF's "new chinatowns" -- the original one on Grant St. long ago given over to the tourists. Irving is where the real asians go to shop and eat. I've been impressed at the incredible quality to price ratio of the food here, I think it's the best locus of value in the city.

As such I have prepared a map of the Irving Street/Sunset Restaurants with some commentary for those visiting the area. I did it as an HTML table to mimic the streets. Of course, this is mostly for readers in the Bay Area. The Sunset is rarely visited by tourists, and has notoriously bad fog in summer, but it has a lot more character than I expected. The street is also full of asian grocery stores and miscellany shops.

It's also just one block from Golden Gate Park. One can readily gather food on Irving and walk to picnic tables in the park at 25th or 18th.


I love the Sunset, I've lived here for the last ten years. Thanks for doing this. I may be inspired to do one for the Inner Sunset, there are many great restaurants on Irving and on 9th..

I googled "Irving St" and this is one of the first results which came up. I love eating on Irving, all the time! (At 31st and Judah, myself.) Thanks for the info! There needed to be a consolidated guide of Irving.

I disagree that Irving Pizza is good, though... the pizza slice flops about like a flaccid fish. No firm crust. The other dishes there are good, but seems like it takes them forever to make. (20-30 minutes for fish, for instance.)

Shangri-La Vegetarian is quite tasty. It has fake duck, fake lamb, fake pork... you name it. Ha's Chinese is cheap but not too exciting. It does have my favorite Dim Sum on the block, though.

Johnny's Hamburgers is cheap and good. It has nice omelets in the mornings, if you don't feel like making your own.

And you left one thing out, not a restaurant but a supermarket - Sunset Super! That place has an amazing selection of seafood that will blow away any Safeway, at less than half the price but similar quality. I once bought three crabs there for $7 total and ate them all in one night. Watch out for the tub full of frogs, though. :)

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