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Upcoming speaking and conferences

Next week (Mon-Tuesday) I will be speaking at David Isenberg's "Freedom To Connect" conference, on an open net, in Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington DC.)

April 10 I will be at UCSB's CITS conference (Santa Barbara, obviously) on growing network communities.

The next week April 19-21 sees the annual Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, always a good time.

See you there.


Since you seem to write on many aspects of internet (commerce),
and have mentioned AdSense in your blog, I think it is interesting
that AdSense is now displaying an ad for, which
judging on a quick glance sells pre-packaged web pages on which
AdSense ads will display. This pseudocontent designed to fool
the readers and so on has much in common with many types of spam.

Not sure why comment here rather than on the blog posts about adsense and that industry. The adsense ads change frequently so I don't see it. Sure, that site looks like SEO Spam, I guess it just shows that google large automates that process.

The search engines do have to do something about SEO spamming of this sort, I agree. I'm getting frustrated that so many searches now turn up this machine generated content.

Google has an aversion to manual tweaking (outside of China) but they have been reported to have done it, even gotten sued over it. One of the problems with manual tweaking, blacklisting SEO sites etc. is you are going to make mistakes, and at best punish innocent pages and at worst get sued. It will be an interesting legal question what doctrine sites will sue under, but that doesn't stop the cost of lawsuits.

I mentioned it here because a) the ad showed up here and b)
this article probably won't get many other comments.

I've toyed with starting a blog just to see how much revenue
AdSense could generate. (Well, I mean it would be a real blog
with real, well written articles, but I would concentrate on
topics likely to attract AdSense revenue.)

I'm just wondering whether this artificial-content stuff will
become so widespread that it will stop the AdSense idea from
working at all.

I am sure that is already happening, I blogged on that last year. I don't think it destroys adsense much. The advertisers want to find people interested in those topics. If they are not interested, they will not be reading your blog.

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