No, senator Stevens was misquoted...

Everybody in the blogosphere has heard something about Alaska's Ted Stevens calling the internet a series of tubes.

They just heard him wrong. His porn filters got turned off and he discovered the internet was a series of pubes.

(And, BTW, I think we've been unfair to Stevens. While it wasn't high traffic that delayed his E-mail -- "an internet" -- a few days, his description wasn't really that bad... for a senator.)


Thank goodness someone else said it. Stevens is definitely less informed than desireable, but it really seems like people who hate his stance totally forgot that he was using tubes as a metaphor; one that is actually quite common in explaining bandwidth.

An interesting take on that ..

I quite agree, it's not that bad an analogy, especially for an old codger. This is a minority opinion. However, I *have* been joking that we should petition ICANN to add a .tubes TLD.

Reminds me of a Schwarzenegger movie, in which the End Of The World is in the offing. Someone mentions that the world will end at a particular time, and Arnie, quite correctly in my opinion, asks:

"Eastern Time?"

My wife and her siblings found this a hilariously stupid question, but wouldn't you want to know how much time you have left to save the world? You wouldn't want to just assume it's GMT, and be off by five hours.

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