NTSB report on Tesla Autopilot Silicon Valley Fatality is out


The NTSB has released their docket on the fatal crash of a Tesla on Autopilot in Silicon Valley in 2018. In this article, I examine what they learned about the cause of the accident and the few new details and wrinkles found in the latest report. The full hearing will be Feb 25.

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Unfortunately, Forbes requires me to login or turn off my tracker blocker. Thus, I can't read what is likely a very interesting article.

Hmm. What tracker blocker are you using? I have various adblockers going when I surf. It does read fine in an incognito window, though.

The NTSB report on the Florida Tesla crash faulted Tesla for only using steering torque and for not using a driver monitoring camera. Additionally the NTSA wrote letters to all OEMs who produced Level 2-like systems citing the NTSB recommendations for more robust driver distraction detection (steering wheel torque was deemed insufficient) as well as ODD enforcement by means of a map database. Tesla, obviously, choose to ignore the NTSB's recommendations.

NTSB calls out Tesla and Apple for neglecting driver safety, calls Tesla Autosteer ‘completely inadequate’

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