Radio show on Robocars, Monday the 13th at 7pm PDT

I will be a guest on Monday the 13th (correction -- I originaly said the 14th) on a the "City Visions" program, produced by one of San Francisco's NPR affiliates, KALW. The show runs at 7pm, and you can listen live and phone in (415-841-4134), or listen to the podcast later. Details are on the page about the show.

Other guests include Bryant Walker Smith of Stanford, Martin Sierhuis of the Nissan robocar lab and Bernard Soriano from the California DMV. Should be a good panel.

In other news -- it develops fast these days:

  • South Carolina has introduced a robocar bill. Here is the text.
  • The Senate science, transportation and commerce committee will be holding hearings on robocars on May 15. Expect to see more of this.


You can listen to KALW's stream at

I really like how you called out Nissan's Dr. Sierhuis on his co-pilot / wing-man bit and how that won't help resolving the drunk drivers, blind or disabled. It really highlights how the established auto makers don't want any disruption to their existing business model of selling cars to people that people must drive. It was disturbing that Dr. Soriano of the Califonia DMV came to his defense and said the vehicles will need a licensed driver in the seat at all times. Hopefully the DMVs / NHTSA won't delay the technology. Regulatory capture is disgusting.

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