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Rolling travel bag that plugs in


Since I'm on the road (Washington DC right now, then Berlin on Monday for a few days and then Toronto for the weekend of the 11th) I will lament on the problem I have noted before in travel power. We have to carry so many chargers. I have also found it's a pain to take them all out and put them back in again.

So how about an electrified rollaboard travel bag. It would plug in, and of course you would have the right adapters for the countries you are going to. Then, along the bottom it would offer a power strip of sorts, with receptacles for your home plug form. The back of these units tends to have spare room due to the bars.

It would also feature an internal USB powering hub, with a few USB jacks, but also built in would be some retractable cables with micro-usb (the new power standard for phones and some other devices) or mini-usb if you still need that. (Alternately have one and adapters for the other.)

Next a universal battery charger. They sell these now with plates that adapt to the various camera batteries, and they even have plates for nimh AA batteries etc. Perhaps even 2 plates.

And of course a universal laptop power supply, but this needs a somewhat long cord. Now I know, you need a power supply to carry with the laptop to meetings, so do you want to carry two? Perhaps not, but I actually like to when space is not super tight. It's possible this supply could be done in a way that it can snap out, and so all you carry is an extra wall cord. Since I like retractables however you might want another laptop cord and special tip for it.

The advantage: One thing to plug in and unplug when you go from room to room.

And the fact that the wheelies, because of their carry handle, tend to have some extra room to put stuff if it is built in.

The downside: Standards change and your wheelie could get obsolete. The x-ray people may take a bit of time to get used to it as well.


It would be great if the major players, better if all players, in the electronic world would standardize plugs. But sadly they don't and I suspect that your concept for a universal power package goes awry here.
My laptops Toshiba, HP and Sony all use the exact same power specs but all have different plugs and different batteries. Same with my cameras. In fact all of the cameras I carry are Sonys an older DSC-707, a newer WC-150 and my Alpha 700 DSLR all use different USB cords, different batteries and chargers.
Then there are the MP3 players and cell phones, all different.
I'm with you though; I would love to have some sort of universal power bag instead of the big bag of cords, etc that I have to carry now.

At least in the EU, mobile-phone charges will be required to be standardised in a couple of years.

Typo! Should be:

At least in the EU, mobile-phone charges will be required to be standardised in a couple of years..

Actually, the charges are standardised as well, at least in terms of maximum charges while roaming.

I tried highlighting my correction with HTML, but the tags and text within were ignored.

The original text should read:

"At least in the EU, mobile-phone chargers will be required to be standardised in a couple of years."

Standardizing on micro-usb is fine (if a bit underpowered) but that's why I want a USB hub as part of the power infrastructure in the bag, and some retractable micro-usb cables (which can be adapted to mini usb or vice versa) to pull out as well.

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