Tesla teases a Robotaxi, are they crazy to give up off-lease plan?


Elon Musk has now teased that Tesla will build its own custom robotaxi, at low cost. This is at odds with their brilliant plan to turn off-lease Teslas into robotaxis, letting somebody else eat up 40% of the depreciation. Will they do both, or do they have a new plan up their sleeve for a small one-person pod?

Read about this in my new Forbes.com story at Tesla teases a Robotaxi, are they crazy to give up off-lease plan?


Do all Tesla Shanghai profits stay in China?

Will Tesla ever be able to repatriate any profits earned in China to the United States?

How many Tesla automobiles made in China are sold in China versus exported abroad, and if Tesla has 4 factories currently producing Tesla automobiles, what percentage of total Teslas manufactured by the 4 Tesla factories does China production represent?

If parts and labor are the cheapest in China, and Tesla China exports automobiles abroad, what percentage of Tesla profits are from China?

Does the economics of Tesla China force Tesla USA to produce Tesla robotaxis in lieu of automobiles?

Or will tge PRC CCP encourage Tesla to source robotaxi design and production in Shanghai?

Today @RealDawnProject launches a nationwide TV ad campaign demanding NHTSA gov ban Full Self-Driving until Elon Musk proves it won’t mow down children

Electrek website states RealDawnProject failed to even activate FSD Beta properly during test.

But also saw a capture with FSD on. Need to see the full video, where is it?

hyperlink in pdf on project website

driveteslacanada dot ca/news/raw-footage-shows-tesla-fsd-beta-was-active-during-the-dawn-projects-tests-video/

Ralph Nader
Tesla’s major deployment of so-called Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible actions by a car company in decades. See full statement.

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