Tigh: "What about Ellen"

The most poignant line, I think, in Crossroads is Tigh's. "What about Ellen?" A switch has gone off in Tigh's head, pouring in repressed knowledge and memories, and he knows he is a Cylon.

And he thinks, "my gods, I killed my own wife for being a Cylon collaborator, yet I'm a Cylon!"

It's hard to imagine this, since we humans don't normally find floods of repressed memories suddenly flooding our brains. And Tigh is very confused here of course, as are the rest. But it makes me wonder... Does Tigh yet know what type of Cylon he is? Does he know he is a special Final Five, and not one of the Cylons who perpetrated the genocide, not one of the Cylons his wife collaborated with, requiring her execution? He doesn't seem to know that at this point, but it may be the confusion of new memory.

If they don't know, it gets interesting. After the battle (if there's a battle -- Starbuck thinks all is rosy) they will be very curious to understand their new role. They might approach #6 or Sharon. Tyrol might very much want to approach Sharon, even though she's not his Sharon. "Help me understand this."

Problem #1 would be convincing them it's true. But if they did, might this not lead 6 and 8 to start doing prostrating themselves? Or might it trigger some other element of the programming that makes the first Cylons not wonder about the final five? It seems the F5 gave them compulsions about them, what are they?

Of course, our four Dylan fans may quickly gain memories of their secret nature among the Cylons, and presumably even a mission. Which would forestall such a meeting, or change its nature. Interesting to ponder though.

Update: They don't know anything more about their mission, and presumably their special status according to this Moore interview.


I have to agree on it being the most poignant line in the finale... the urgency and confusion in his voice... I have replayed that scene so many times and that line always makes an impact. I googled it and hit this blog. Was hoping for a t-shirt on cafepress HAHA

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