All you need for a great EV road trip


I have written a guide of useful hints and tricks for doing an EV road trip and barely spending any time charging. I've done over 10,000 miles of EV road trips and you can to, once you get an EV.

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All you need for a great EV road trip

I have two other articles on that I didn't publish here in the blog:

Forget SFFD Being Upset At Cruise, The Future For Emergency Vehicles With Robocars & e-VTOL Is Super Positive where I describe that in spite of a Cruise vehicle not being perfect with a fire truck, it's going to get much better.

Feds release barely useful data on ADAS crashes, and there probably isn't a problem


Jul 2022 – latest AAA consumer survey

75 percent of Americans are NOT considering buying an electric vehicle (BEV, not hybrid) for their next auto purchase.

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